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As of today, this baby girl is 37 weeks which is considered full-term in some circles.  (Although, I would really like her to cook in there for a couple of more weeks!)  It’s really kind of crazy how slowly the beginning of this pregnancy went by and how this last trimester has just flown.  I can’t believe she will be here with us so soon!  (Apologies in advance for all of the incessant Instagram photos.  It’s just bound to happen!)  Back in October I posted my essentials for the first trimester and then in November I shared my favorite wardrobe essentials for this growing bump.  It’s been a little while, but I thought today I would share some of the things that have made this journey even more enjoyable along the way.  I would love to know the things you loved during pregnancy– maybe they will help get me through these final weeks!

One // I have been into yoga off and on since college, but have really enjoyed the prenatal classes that I’ve taken the last few months.  Most classes begin with an intro from everyone in the class and I really enjoyed feeling that sense of community with the other expectant mamas.  While aerobically, it doesn’t compare to the five miles I was running pre-pregnancy, I did learn some really great movements and stretches that have helped a lot when I’ve been really uncomfortable or short of breath.  All-in-all, I would definitely recommend trying out a class in your area if you’re expecting!

Two // I’ve kind of lucked out that sneakers could not be more on trend right now.  They feel so much better on my feet right now than super flat shoes or sandals.  Plus, I plan on putting a whole lot of stroller-walking miles on them once this little girl gets here!

Three // During the first trimester vegetables sounded downright awful, but these days I have been trying to take in as many as possible.  Did you know a baby’s brain grows 50% in size during the final 5 weeks?  The Whole Foods juice bar has become my neighborhood watering hole.

Four // We did our baby registry through and loved it!  It allows you to choose items from all around the web and compile them on to one registry, regardless of whether or not that retailer even offers a registry.  If you’re not quite to the baby carriage part of the equation, they have wedding registries as well!

Five // Two things that I’ve purchased recently are these Plum Pretty Sugar for BHLDN pajamas and a new pair of cute sweatpants from J.Crew.  Even if I’m sleeping or lounging, I’d prefer to really like what I’m wearing while carrying around this big baby belly.  Plus, I have a feeling they will get lots of use during those first post-partum weeks.

Six // As crazy as they look, I don’t know what I would have done without this pillow.  I have a feeling it’s added dozens of hours of sleep to my life over these last months.  I love the Leachco pillow for the fact that you can turn from side to side without adjusting, but love the fabrics of the Bump Nest.

Seven // Lately I have been getting really creative with my non-maternity clothes.  It’s so close to the end that I don’t want to purchase anything new, but am also starting to get a little tired of the same pieces day in and day out.  This chambray shirt has been great for throwing on over tanks and dresses and making the average pregnancy top feel a little more stylish.

Eight // My hair and skin went from super oily pre-pregnancy to crazy dry by the second trimester, so I had to change all of my products.  For dry skin, I have loved this cleanser day and night, followed by this mist from Marie Veronique Organics, and this moisturizer for day, and this one for night.  (I’m also super into not having to wash my hair as often, so I hope it stays this way!)

Nine // I know they say that stretch marks are genetic, but I have been slathering this stuff all over my belly like it’s my job and so far so good.  It’s pretty inexpensive, totally natural and organic and goes a really long way.  Just be sure to layer a cotton tank under your clothes or give it significant time to absorb, otherwise you could risk it seeping through your clothes.

Ten // We had no intentions of going on a babymoon since we traveled all last summer pre-pregnancy knowing that we hoped there would be a little one on board soon.  However, we found ourselves with a free week over the holidays and decided to road trip it up the coast to Big Sur and I’m so glad we did.  It really was such a special last trip before baby and I’m so grateful that we did it. 

And now we wait…

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  1. Good job on the coconut oil! I rubbed that on my belly as well and ended up stretch mark free! Enjoy your lush locks, I’m going through the post pregnancy shedding right now. I feel like I’m leaving a trail of strands behind me everywhere I go lol.