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I’ve been dreaming about a pink bathroom since before I knew this baby was going to be a girl.  As if I didn’t already have enough reasons for wanting another girl– they can share a room, we have so many girl clothes already, sisters!– getting to design a blush pink bathroom was another one on the list.  I’m sure at least half of you think I’m totally crazy and I definitely second guessed the commitment I was making to pink tile half a dozen times. I considered doing both white floor and wall tile and painting the vanity pink or doing a healthy dose of pink accessories. At the end of the day, these 2″ blush circle tiles (below in the design board) are just pure sunshine and happiness and all good things.  Plus, if you don’t take any chances in a space and play it safe everywhere I fear the result will be a bit boring and like every other photo that you already see represented on Pinterest.  (Plus, what two girls wouldn’t want to share a blush pink bathroom?!)  Keep reading for the full bathroom design and all of the details on our selections for Parker’s pink bathroom…
(above image via A Beautiful Mess)

pink bathroom image via Apartment Therapy

01. If these Rejuvenation sconces look familiar it’s because we are also using them in our master bathroom (see design here) as well.  The only difference is that we are doing brass in the girl’s room and oil-rubbed bronze downstairs in our bathroom.

02. I love the idea of a round bathroom mirror and also wanted to include a wood element in here to warm up all of the white and brass.  This one is in walnut from Rejuvenation as well.

03. + 09. We are using the Trinsic line of faucets from Delta in a few different spaces in our house.  This one that we are using for the sink faucet has great reviews, comes in all of the finishes we are using in our place, and is a middle-of-the-road price point.  This is our shower and tub faucet and I can hardly wait to see it installed!  It’s super pretty, right?!  I also love the size of the opening of the tub filler.  Some of them are so narrow and I just imagine that it would take forever to fill up the kid’s bath!

04. So we haven’t fully settled on hardware yet, but I’m leaning towards these simple brass handles.  Thoughts?

05. The carpenter that is doing our kitchen cabinets is actually doing all of our bathroom cabinets as well with the exception of the master.  It definitely depends on who you hire, but we found this to be more cost effective than buying something already made. Here is the actual cabinet design:

One way that we saved here was by doing a paint grade cabinet instead of a stain grade.  (Stain grade tends to run about double the cost.)  As of right now, I’m leaning towards painting it white, but have also played around with the idea of doing something in a shade of gray or black. What do you think?  Also we went with mostly drawers in the design because I find them to be so much easier to keep organized.

06. This is the part of this bathroom that I am most excited about and was definitely a splurge.  One of the reasons that we went with a pricier tile on the floors as opposed to the walls is that the floor square footage is significantly less than all of the tile that will surround the vanity wall and shower.  Sort of a way to splurge and save at the same time.  The pink floor tile is from Pratt & Larson.  I’m such a sucker for beautiful, handmade tiles. They began their business in 1982 in a basement and now employee over 80 people in Portland, Oregon where all of their products are manufactured.  We are doing the solid blush pink color (P157) in the above sample in 2″ round tiles like the pattern in the circle below.

07. I spent some time sourcing kilim rugs before stumbling upon this simple jute runner and having a major aha moment.  I love the simplicity.  I love that, similar to the wood mirror, it adds a more earthy element to the mix of white and brass.  It’s also much less expensive than anything vintage I could have found, even on Etsy.

08. Since the floor tile was a splurge, the wall tile is definitely a place where we were looking to save.  I knew I wanted to pair the pink floor with a matte white wall tile and I love that these 2x8s are a little different than a classic 3×6 subway.  I’m not sure about the design we will use.  We are doing a lot of stack bond tile throughout the house and might continue with it here, too.

10. This Kohler Bellwether might be the most popular tub ever!  It’s actually the one in our rental right now and the fact that it’s on the shallower side makes it perfect for bathing children, which is what it will be used for in the foreseeable future.

Speaking of the bath, we wanted a way to avoid needing a shower curtain, but also keep it easy for bathing kids.  Essentially, we are doing a smaller sheet of glass that is hinged so it can open easily for bathing, but still allow for keeping in the water during shower time… similar to these images:

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  1. Karrie


    Hi – gorgeous girls bathroom. Can you please tell me the countertop material/name on top of vanity? It’s perfect!!! Thanks

  2. ooh can’t wait to see it come together! It’s Going to to look soo good!!

    • Jen Pinkston


      Ahh you and me both! Cannot wait to see that pink tile floor in person!

  3. Jessica n


    I love the pink bathroom!!! Its going to loOk amazing!!

  4. Katie H.


    Couldn’t love this pink bathroom more! This is your dream home. You should totally take the risk. 🙂

    • Jen Pinkston


      Thank you! I couldn’t agree more! It definitely won’t be boring 😉

  5. cannot wait to see the finished result. i’d love a pink bathroom.

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    • Jen Pinkston


      Me, too! I secretly might have to come up here and take baths!

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