10 Pieces Every Girl Boss Should Have in Her Closet

I’m curious how many of you reading this work from home, in a more casual office setting, or in a more traditional office setting?  I’ve talked plenty here about how your working wardrobe can really set the tone for the meeting or environment that you’re in.  As my job is now, I tend to see different people most days of the week, so nothing really gets too stale too fast.  I remember when I was working at a studio full time, though, that I felt it was so easy to fall into a wardrobe rut and feel like I was wearing the same things over and over.  Eventually I caught on to the big secret of getting dressed for the office, though, which is this:  Make sure your closet is stocked with great staples– like the 10 below– and everything else will fall into place.  Suddenly your favorite weekend pieces can be re-worked under a blazer or tucked into a pencil skirt and you feel like you’ve just multiplied your wardrobe tenfold!

1. A Great Dress.  There’s nothing more chic or easier to throw on in the morning than a great dress in a super flattering color.

(via 9-5 Chic)

2. A Black Silk Top that can be paired with black pants for a monochromatic look, paired with jeans for a casual friday look, or layered under just about anything.

(via Em Fashion Files)

3. Tailored black pants are a must!

(via M loves M)

4. The Pencil Skirt (This one is perfect for spring and summer!)

(via Refinery 29)

5. The White Button Up Shirt

(via The Locals)

6. A Great Blazer: Whether long or cropped, black or white, this piece is a forever staple.

(via Forage Fashion)

7. A Great Leather Bag (Otherwise known as the ‘big girl bag’)

(via We The People)

8. Proper Underpinnings.

(via Anthropologie)

9. Killer Shoes. Take your offie basics to the next level by pairing them with great heels, boots, and pumps. The best part is these can transition seamlessly into your weeknight and weekend wardrobe too!

(via See Anna Jane)

10. Great Denim.  Every woman should have in her closet a pair of tailored jeans that she knows how to dress up for work.  I love this blazer and loafer look below!

(via Who What Wear)

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  3. Caleigh


    Awesome suggestions, thank you! I work in a credit union located in a village. I haven’t been in the office since last January (maternity leave) and even then I was wearing my maternity clothes! I’m SO excited to build up my work wardrobe! I tend to stick to the same things because I my office hours are early (I’m in the office by 7:20am) & I just can’t be bothered to think that hard so early in the a.m. So I’ll either have an outfit in mind at the ready (if I’m ‘on the ball’) or I’ll just wing it (which is more often the case than not).

  4. Thank you for sharing my blog, Your blog is divine <3


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