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Last week Parker picked out all of her favorite baby girl clothes and featured them on the blog.  Over the weekend, though, we got to talking and she thought it wasn’t fair that the baby girls got to have all of the fun.  She put her nose to the grindstone yesterday and found all of her favorite baby boy pieces, fit for her best buds or future boyfriends.  I told her it was a little heavy on the stripes, but couldn’t persuade her to change it.  She’s a girl who knows what she likes.  Happy shopping!

PS.  Also, she would like to wish her Ta a very happy birthday!  She says she can’t wait to see you and has been watching her college football so you can take her to a game some day soon!

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  1. Boys can be so much harder to shop for. The selection always seems a little more narrow than girls and the colors are a little more serious. You did a great job here in putting together a collection for boys from various places. I do like the splash of color and would like to see designers put out more reds and oranges in boys summer wear. This is a nice contribution. We have you book marked to visit again.

  2. Cute! From one new mom to another, tell Parker that Clint says ‘Thanks!’ Haha! I just love the racoon print, it’s very ‘little boy’.

  3. great picks Parker…sweet!

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