How to Wear Wide Leg Cropped Denim 10 Ways

Wide Leg Cropped Denim? We’ve been talking about them since 2017 and they’re definitely still a thing, but I keep getting the question, “Can someone like me wear wide leg cropped denim?!” The short answer? Yes. They can totally work on every body type, as long as they make you feel your best when you wear them. I actually think they’re much more flattering on most body types than a skinny jean and can be more easily dressed up also. One thing you’ll notice that all of these looks have in common is that the …

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An Easter Pastel Midi Skirt for Every Day

There is a major color wave happening in my closet right now and I’m not mad about it one bit. I feel like the shift happened when I picked up a couple new things for our Mexico City trip– a green dress here, and pink skirt there— but the trend is continuing… with this Easter Pastel Midi skirt for starters. There are few things hanging in my closet that I love more than a midi skirt. I love that I can throw it on with a chunky sweater in boots in the winter but also that come summer when it’s a million degrees …

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