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5 Ways to Jumpstart your Healing and Move on After a Break Up

(This post, 5 Ways to Jumpstart your Healing and Move on After a Break Up’ is written by our dear friend and resident photographer Katie Jameson.  After walking through this break up with her, and experiencing how gracefully and intentionally she handled such a painful experience, I knew she had to share it.  If you know anyone going through this right now, maybe just pop it in their inbox– a gift from you to them.) Surely, this is just a really bad dream, right? Was our relationship not worth fighting for? Was I not worth …

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The Two Minute Morning Routine that Will Change Your Life

Whether you begin your day at your leisure or wake to the sound of a baby crying or alarm clock beckoning, there’s a super easy way to jump start your productivity, lower your stress, and give you a sense of accomplishment at the start of your day.  It’s not trendy.  In fact, my mom begin persuading us of it’s advantages at a young age.  It’s making your bed and you might just be surprised how beneficial science has found this simple task to be.  Plus, it takes the time equivalent of a few scrolls and double clicks …

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