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Celebrating Friendship with Citrus Mulled Wine

For some, it’s easy for Thanksgiving to be just one necessary food-filled stop on the way to Christmas town, but isn’t there something beautiful and centering about an entire day of gratitude? As I find myself reflecting on all of the good that this year has brought– the birth of Ever! Parker’s wonderful new school! Our house that is almost done!— One thing I always come back to is how fortunate I feel to have found such great friends here in Austin.  I don’t think making friends in your thirties is typically easy, and yet so …

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How I Prepped our Laundry Room to get Ready for Baby!

The pregnancy nesting bug is not only very real, but very necessary!  Somewhere around the third trimester you realize that another human is moving in soon and suddenly the organizing, cleaning and preparing gets kicked into high gear!  We are currently in a rental with limited space, so I was adamant on everything having a place and being well stocked and organized before baby’s arrival.  In particular, I wanted our laundry room in tip top shape before the big day which meant stocking up on all of the essentials so that I didn’t have …

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