How to Collect and Display Art in Your Home on Any Budget

(This post is sponsored by Soraa Home, the only LED lighting on the market that shows light in it’s full spectrum of color.) I didn’t discover Basquiat until I was in my early twenties, decades after his name had become household among the world’s art elite. Living and working in LA, Aaron and I often times found ourselves in the homes of people whose living room art collections rivaled a gallery at the Guggenheim. On one such occasion, Aaron was shooting photos and was directed to “move his ladder further away from the Basquiat”. …

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10 Things I’m Watching, Reading, and Listening to Right Now

(This feature was photographed at Le Politique, one of my favorite spots in Austin. I love the brasserie for a moody, romantic dinner by night and is the perfect spot for a business lunch by day. The french pastries in the patisserie are my favorite in the city.) This past holiday break felt long in all the best senses of the word. On most days I could not have accurately told you the day of the week or what was happening in the world. I spent so very little time on my laptop and my most pressing wardrobe decision usually centered around …

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