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A Day at The Blanton Museum || White Space

Have I ever told you the story of how Aaron and I started dating?  It’s lengthy and I won’t get into the details here, but at one point when I was playing hard to get– responding to texts in one word answers and the like– Aaron offered me a ride to LAX and to borrow his new camera for my upcoming trip to Oregon.  The camera was intriguing, but a ride to LAX was solid gold in the pre-Uber summer of 2008.  I spent the day working, running around from showroom to showroom and studio department to studio department …

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Our Austin Casa || 3 Weeks ‘Til Moving Day!

It’s very possible that this will be the last update of #ouraustincasa before move-in day.  How is that possible?!  We have been plotting and planning the possibility of this house since the summer of 2015, purchased the lot in May of 2016, broke ground in December of 2016 and are now about to move in one year later.  It’s been really surreal to see thoughts and ideas that we had over coffee or while driving down the 101 become a 3 dimensional reality that we will soon be calling home.  Every last detail was thought about, …

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