Our Gift Guide for Kids, Part Two

Still on the hunt for the right gift for the kiddo in your life? We have a few ideas…

  1. This Lingua Franca sweater makes features the most universally beloved icon of childhood, the rainbow. It’s all a good reminder to spread love. 
  2. The scooter is a crowd pleaser for kids and parents alike. The kids have fun and the parents get to move about at a speed faster than a toddler’s dawdle. 
  3. Don’t forget a cool super hero helmet!
  4. The air bubble filled sole of a Nike Air Max is still just as cool to me today as it was when I was ten. 
  5. There’s a basketball hoop set up in our neighborhood for pick up games amongst the kids and it feels pretty idyllic, especially in these times. 
  6. Parker has been asking for guitar lessons recently and it feels like one of the more useful skills that extracurriculars have to offer. This guitar comes highly recommended for little fingers. 
  7. We discovered the joy of legos after Ever’s last birthday when someone sent her a small Frozen set. Literal hours of entertainment!
  8. In case the little on your list needs their own WFH uniform, these sweats are the coziest. petite villains: 
  9. The girls received this bounce house for Christmas two years ago and it is the best gift that keeps on giving. Make sure to select the one with the rooftop for sunny, summer days. 
  10. I am not entirely sure why, but I am so enamored with this real sling shot! It feels so clever and fun! (Also, I feel like my husband would enjoy this. Maybe a stocking stuffer?!)
  11. Let your kid channel their inner Ginger Baker with this impossibly cool looking drum kit. (Adult ear plugs not included, but highly recommended.)

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