Our Austin Casa || The Living Room Reveal

It sounds strange, but I feel seriously weepy about publishing this last room in our series of room reveals. If you really want to go all the way back, the impetus of this home was us being in town for the 4th of July circa 2015 and visiting our cousins’ almost finished newly constructed home. The wheels started spinning and a couple days later we had decided to move to Austin. We still weren’t sure if we would build or renovate, but immediately started looking on Redfin on the regular. Now here we are a short (ha!) almost four years later and are revealing this last room in our home, the living room.

You can see in the floor plans and image of the foundation below, the living room is really the heart of the home and everything else goes off in opposite directions from there.

It’s also surrounded by so many big windows which was a focal point for this room. We wanted this part of the house to be flooded with natural light and it really is. I love watching the different shadows cast throughout the space as light pours in differently at each hour of the day.

It connects to so many other spaces– the kitchen, the dining room, and the play room– so, with the exception of the green sofa, it’s a really neutral room that we’ve tried to keep interesting by adding wood tones, matte metals, and ceramic elements.

One thing that we have gone back and forth on is the single chair. Eventually we will probably do two chairs that are slightly smaller in scale angling towards the couch from each side of the fireplace, but in the meantime until we find those perfect chairs, this single chair situation does the trick.

Our sofa is from a store called Bolia that we stumbled into when we were on vacation in Stockholm two years ago and fell in love with. It’s the first furniture piece we bought for the new house. We knew it was kind of loud and that everything else would have to work around it and were totally fine with that. I actually really love it even more than I thought I would!

The fireplace is done entirely in 2 x 17″ graphite tiles from Ann Sacks. We looked for the right tile for this spot for a really long time before settling on this one! I love the variation in the colors of the tiles.

This mirror is one of the few things that we have had for what feels like forever! (You can see it here in this post!)

The second piece we bought? That television! Keep in mind that we had no furniture in the playroom and no bedroom furniture but totally prioritized that tv! I love how it doesn’t look like a tv and we can switch up the art. That’s the only spot in our house where we have a tv and wanted it to not be a total eyesore in the middle of the living room.

Also, in related news, I recently broke the news to Aaron that I’m ready for another house to work on! Ha! Probably here in Austin and probably something we would flip although I would love a rent house to keep! We shall see šŸ™‚

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Photography by Katie Jameson

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  2. Judith


    Love your casa! We are thinking of doing concrete floors in our master bedroom. Can you share what stain/color/technique you used? Thanks!

    • Jen Pinkston


      Hi Judith, thank you so much! The concrete was actually tinted in the process of pouring the foundation. There wasn’t a separate step or staining technique used. I’m sorry that’s not more helpful!

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  5. Hi Jen,
    I love your home! Absolutely gorgeous! I was wondering if you new what colour your white walls are? I’m struggling to choose a white to complement our mid century home that has lots of knotty pine and exposed interior bricks – I think this white might be just what I’m looking for ????

    • Jen Pinkston


      Of course! Thanks so much for your kind note! It’s Behr Gallery White in Matte.

  6. Erin Hiemstra


    we’re looking to do the same thing around SF! Still devastated I didn’t see your place in person btw

  7. Hi Jen,
    i loved reading your post about your living room design. So inspiring! for your samsung tv- did it come with a gold frame? i’ve looked on the samsung website and only see black frames. i would love something like this for my space! thanks for sharing!

    • Jen Pinkston


      Hey Ally, thank you so much! This frame is actually a light wood / birch color (I canā€™t remember the exact name that Samsung calls it) and yes we had to order separately. I think the one it came with is black.

  8. Celine


    What a beautiful, bright, warm, and thoughtful home. Congrats!!!

  9. Jessica


    Love the TV, the floorplan, the style!

  10. Absolutely stunning and It look Exactly like the design prints

  11. OMg I didn’t even realize that was a TV! I didn’t even kno tv’s could do that until I was flipping through Elle Decor!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

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