Our 2020 Gift Guide for Kids, Part 1

It’s gift guide season! From the most inspiring book series for littles to the gift that is bound to keep on giving, continue reading for our 2020 gift guide picks for the kids, part 1. (Part 2 coming soon!)

I have to argue that shopping for small children who will lose their ever-loving minds over something like an acrylic mermaid necklace is about the only thing more fun than shopping for yourself. I’ve been planning these girls’ Christmas lists for a few months now and may have used it for a cheat sheet for this list. Don’t worry. More traditional ‘boy’ gift list coming soon!

  1. This ‘Little People, Big Dreams’ book series is one of Parker’s all-time favorites. Each book highlights the challenges that these now infamous people overcame and the mark they left on the world.
  2. I’m always struggling to find stocking-sized gifts for the girls that won’t end up in the giveaway pile three months later. This necklace is perfect!
  3. We’ve had a set of the larger Duplo legos for awhile, but an ordering mishap for Ever’s birthday landed us a set of the smaller classic size and they have been a hit!
  4. How cute are these monogram caps? They come in a bunch of different colors, too.
  5. Our dress up bin could always use another tutu!
  6. Finding helmets that fit our kids’ heads well has turned out to be a harder task than I thought. These Banwood helmets are great and come in beautiful colors. 
  7. Is there anything better than a bike on Christmas morning? This one is so pretty, too!
  8. I’m not going to try to understand this one; all I know is Parker is obsessed. This oversized set is likely to be her “big” present come Christmas. 
  9. I feel like teaching your kids to cook could be the gift that keeps on giving. First step? This utensil and apron set
  10. Ever discovered this Dreamworks dragon toy in a mailer that came to the house and promptly tore out the picture and insisted on putting it in her room. Hint taken. 
  11. We’ve had this set since last year and both girls play with it on repeat. 

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