One Piece, Two Ways || The Dad Floral Shirt

If your dad didn’t own a floral print shirt that he he wore on vacation, was he even a real dad? Truth be told, this print isn’t one I would normally gravitate towards, but the combination of post-spring break weather and the promise of summer vacation just around the corner had me feeling all but a little bit campy when my eye met its puffy sleeve and floral pattern. Rather than send me running, I scooped it up faster than you can say fanny pack. And you know what? Zero regrets. Just to prove to you how unregretful I am, I styled it two ways…

Am I meeting a friend for lunch? Attending the Mother’s Day tea at preschool? Walking into a business meeting? Yes, yes, and yes! When carefully front-tucked into my favorite jeans, this quirky floral top works for all of the above. And can you handle these shoes? My heart longs for my grandmother just looking at them. She would have appreciated them more than anyone.

The sad truth is that my favorite jeans, like all of the jeans lining my drawers, are near their annual seasonal retirement thanks to Austin’s dependable late spring humidity. The time has come to pair this top with something in the shorts variety. It didn’t surprise me when I was drawn to this bold yellow hue. I’ve been doing it with everything lately… even my kids’ clothes.

Floral Top, Anthropologie || Shorts, Skies are Blue || Jeans, Levi’s || Gold Sandals, Paige || Slide Sandals, Huma Blanco

  1. I normally wouldn’t wear something like this either but I love it. The sleeves are cute!! I like it paired with the yellow shorts!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

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