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Can we take a quick minute to ignore the sweater vest and all of the beautiful greenhouse foliage to talk about my addiction to podcasts? It’s real and it’s keeping me sane during this year of transition when it feels like I am always in my car.  I only do non-fiction and I feel like every commute is now an opportunity to learn something new or about someone new.  The other day I had an accounting question and googled it with the word podcast after and boom! There’s a podcast for that.  I listened and immediately knew what to do afterwards.  The other day I was listening to my friend Hank’s podcast, Typically Hazardous, and it consumed my thoughts in the best possible way for the rest of the day and into the week. It was about writing your life story and the chapters that you want to be written.  It’s a great reminder that we have quite a lot of control on what gets written in these future chapters and that we already have what we need to pen that narrative.  Here is the chapter I’m writing now and the one I want to write in the future:

green-sweater-tank-2 green-sweater-tank-3

Present: The chapter where we build our forever home.  It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the logistics and trying to check the boxes and get the thing built in the shortest amount of time– and I’m sure I will be doing all of those things.  However, I don’t want to lose sight that we are building a place that may likely be the host to many years of our life.  It’s the house where Parker (and maybe other kids) will grow up in, they will do science projects on the kitchen table and art projects in the playroom.  It’s where we will form new friendships and host friends from out of town.  I will cook Christmas dinner in the kitchen and we will snuggle up by the fire on cold days and stare out the windows at rainy ones.  What does it look like to create not just a stylish space, but one that is conducive to all of these things? That’s the chapter I’m writing now.  Here’s the chapter I want to write at some point in the next thirty years…

green-sweater-tank-4 green-sweater-tank-5

The Chapter Where We Move to Europe.  I talk about this pretty consistently to Aaron and he looks at me like when would we ever do that, but it’s going to happen friends.  No idea when, but one day we are going to buy some plane tickets, pack up our kid(s), do an extended stay across the pond where we write a chapter of our life story about that time we up and moved to Europe.

green-sweater-tank-6 green-sweater-tank-7 green-sweater-tank-8

What chapters of your life are you writing now? Which chapters do you want to write in the future?  You really must check out that podcast!  Any podcasts you’re loving these days?  Oh, and yes, I’m loving this sweater vest trend and have about a half a dozen other ways I plan on wearing this one!


vest || long skirt || short skirt || pink bag (similiar) || white sandals (similar and similar) || silver bag (similar) || ball necklace || white baseball cap

Photography by Katie Jameson

Location: East Austin Succulents

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  2. Allegra Liu


    I really love how you styled this sweater tank. I saw it previously on the website and really wouldn’t have given it a second glance but it looks so great on you. Love it in the olive green color. Am contemplating purchasing it and the gold ball necklace too. Are you wearing a size XS or S? I’d probably order one size up.

    • Jen Pinkston


      Hi Allegra! Thanks so much for your kind comment. This is an XS and was still plenty roomy. Xo

  3. Molly {Dreams in HD}


    So cute! My sister has a sweater tank and has already styled it so many different ways. I think it’s a must for fall!

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  4. Love it JEN and YASSS to your forever home…can’t wait for the revealing xx

  5. Fatima


    This sweater is perfect for Fall. Love the colour, I’s definitely use this as a transition piece.

    Xx, Fatima

    • Jen Pinkston


      I’m excited to layer it over other things when the weather gets cooler, but it’s definitely sleeveless for now! Xo

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