One Piece, Two Ways || Pleated Cami + Skirt


I was laying in bed last night and contemplating how it could possibly be nearing late July already.  Where did this summer go?!  Then I remembered that it has been the summer of the cross country move and the summer of beginning to build a new house and that kind of explains things.  With a lot of things still in boxes, and trying to live as minimally as possible so that we don’t have to do a ton of repacking next spring, it’s also been the summer of the accidental capsule wardrobe.  Since June 1st I’ve been wearing some combination of the same 30 pieces on repeat and guess what?  I’m not that mad about it.  Sure, sometimes as I stare at the towers of boxes just grazing the ceiling in my parent’s third car garage I do wonder what kind of silk, cotton, or linen treasures await in those wardrobe boxes, but for the most part it’s been a great reminder that we really don’t need that many things at the end of the day.  This 10 Crosby Street Derek Lam pleated cami from BURU has been one of those pieces on repeat.  The top was actually designed to also be a skirt– how genius, right?  Which way do you prefer it?

one-piece-two-ways-pleated-silk-cami-2 one-piece-two-ways-pleated-silk-cami-3

cami || jeans || mules (similar) || key necklace || sunnies

one-piece-two-ways-pleated-silk-cami-4 one-piece-two-ways-pleated-silk-cami-4b

one-piece-two-ways-pleated-silk-cami-5 one-piece-two-ways-pleated-silk-cami-6

top || skirt || shoes (similar) || sunnies || necklace

one-piece-two-ways-pleated-silk-cami-7 one-piece-two-ways-pleated-silk-cami-8 one-piece-two-ways-pleated-silk-cami-9 one-piece-two-ways-pleated-silk-cami-10

What have you been up to this summer?  Which look is your favorite?

Photography by Amanda Gallant

  1. GENIUS…on how you dressed it up(top) and down(skirt)…chic Jen xx

  2. So Fashionable look,great out fit.