One Piece, Two Ways || Denim Tank


The moral of the story of this denim tank is that it’s always a good idea to travel with friends who have really good taste and a larger bra size than you.  That, my friends, is how this denim tank and I ended up in one another’s company.  A couple of weeks ago Jaclyn and I happened into an H&M on Sunset Blvd, neither of us with the patience to try things on until we got to our hotel room and discovered most of them didn’t fit.  Jaclyn snagged this dreamy, very vintage looking denim tank from the sale rack for just $15 and I gladly took it off of her hands.  It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces so I’m finding lots of ways to wear it.  Speaking of, how do you feel about the second look?  I am super into it — it kind of makes me feel like I’m in middle school again, but I have a feeling it may not be everyone’s thing…


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I’m super into this skirt, too.  It feels perfect for fall– especially in those first couple of months when it still feels like summer outside.



Truth time, friends:  What do we think about the t-shirt under the tank looks?  I’m so into it so prepare yourselves for a long season of me layering tanks over t-shirts as if I’m in middle school and not allowed to wear sleeveless tops…


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one-piece-two-ways-denim-top-8 one-piece-two-ways-denim-top-9 one-piece-two-ways-denim-top-10

So let’s here it: Which looks is your favorite?!


Hey guys!  Let’s have a great week, okay?!

Photography by Katie Jameson

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