Office Makeover

The decor in our house is constantly evolving.  We are not overhaul people as much as we are “a new accessory here, a new rug there” until the room finally comes together people.  Yesterday, I showed you this peek into the current state of my office (originally from this post).  I adore my office– the light, the windows, the functionality!  Most of the pieces in there have been pieced together from other rooms or our last apartment, so it fits rather seamlessly with the rest of the rooms in our house.  I think one day, though, it would really great to make it over and do something a lot more contemporary.  Then, when I am working in there, it would feel even more separate from home life.  Here is what I imagine it looking like:

ONE: Prada Sign, // TWO: Desk Lamp, Lamps Plus // THREE: 1926 Vogue Cover, // FOUR: Printer Caddy, West Elm // FIVE: Glass desk, Modern Essentials // SIX: Shelving, West Elm // SEVEN: Shag Rug, Rugs USA // EIGHT: Laquer Tray, Heals Furniture // NINE: Wall Mirror, Lamps Plus // TEN: Desk Chair, Heals Furniture 

(For more office inspiration, check out this Pinterest board!)


  1. Your office was beautiful but I am loving that clear desk!! It is really something! =)

    • A glass desk is definitely on my wish list, though I do worry how much time I will spend cleaning off any finger smudges. Any one else out there have a glass desk?