My New Favorite Laundry Trick, Ever’s Half Birthday, and Other Notes!

Today is Ever’s half birthday, which might seem trivial compared to holidays like Christmas or the 4th of July, but gosh it feels monumental.  I can’t believe my tiny summer baby who came bursting so enthusiastically into our family last August is six months old today!  She’s the sweetest roly poly. Loves to nurse, hates the bottle. Sleeps through the night on rare occasion and has the sweetest open mouth smile that looks as if it might just engulf you!  There’s something about the perspective of having an almost four year old, too, that makes watching this one grow so bittersweet. It just goes SO FAST.  Speaking of my almost four year old, those are her pieces of outerwear that we commandeered from her closet while she was at preschool… the nerve of us!  (This post isn’t sponsored by the way.  I got introduced to Buckaroo Organics laundry products below through our friends here who have a daughter that went to Parker’s preschool and just really love their mission… AND THOSE WOOL BALLS! But more on those below…

Parker loves to dress herself. LOVES. She plans her outfits in advance and tells me about them. She discovered last weekend that a peplum top twirls in the same way that a dress does, much to her delight.  She’s a big fan of pattern play, the color pink, and boots of all styles.  She, without a doubt, creates more laundry than anyone else in the family.  I have long been a proponent of organic detergents.  You can read more about these Soapberry Suds here, but know they’re all natural and organic, non-toxic and super safe for your whole family.  They are great!  However, my obsession lies in those wool balls! These dryer balls reduce drying time and naturally soften clothes without the use of harsh chemicals.  Also, you can add 5-10 drops of the essential oils to the balls which is MY FAVORITE PART.  I love the way peppermint essential oil makes the clothes smell.

What’s on my spring / summer wishlist for Parker?  This twirl dress would never come off her body, but if it did I would put her in these gingham shorts and fruit tee.  Plus, the cutest sneakers here and here.  And OMG this dress!  Honestly, though, she has so many clothes! (Which you can see here!) Ever and I popped into Zara earlier this week and I wouldn’t even let myself back in the kids section because I knew I wouldn’t be able to leave empty-handed.  She will need some summer clothes eventually (although who knows when because it’s been so cold here!), but until then I’m on a spending freeze! (But when it’s over… THIS DRESS!  Also, I want this swimsuit in my size so bad it hurts.)

Have you been following the conversation this week on school safety / gun control? I hope we as a country can get it together to do so much more than we have been doing to protect our sweet, sweet children. Emily hosted a nice open forum in the comments section here.   You can follow Everytown here, too, for more info.  What are your thoughts? Are you for banning semi-automatic weapons? The accessories that make semi-automatics fully automatic? All guns? More background checks? Removing the option to renew a license online?  Keeping things as they are now?

Happy weekending, friends!

Photography by Katie Jameson

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  1. Caleigh


    SUCH cute clothes! I think its fantastic you’re becoming so environmentally coNscious!

    As for the gun debate, well… as a canadian i just don’t understand where the gun obsession comes from. Why wouLd anyone need a automatic or a semi-automatic? Why would a government make it easy for people to access them? The whole “need guns to protect ourselves” is just so backward. It is a Culture that feeds on fear. I’m astonished at some american voices and the whole thing makes me really grateful that i Live where i do.

    • Jen Pinkston


      It really is interesting how “american” this problem is, how it doesn’t exist in the same way in other places. Thank you, thank you for this thoughtful comment.

  2. Parker’s clothes are too cute! I need to get those wool dryer balls!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

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