My Style {Valentine’s Day}


Love it or hate it, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!  With a husband that is always out of town in February, I don’t have the best track record of super exciting Valentine’s Days, but I love it just the same!  When we were kids, my parents would always take us out to dinner with them on Valentine’s Day and my dad would walk in straight from work with big bunches of balloons and chocolates.  As we got older he moved on to chocolate covered strawberries from Amy’s Ice Cream (totally delicious!).  When I moved to LA he found a nearby bakery that would send over the best sugary treats.  Who are you sending Valentines to tomorrow?  If you don’t have plans, think outside the pink and red box and plan something fun for all of your favorite single ladies.  For the latest in our series with Camille Styles, we planned a day date at the beach complete with Scrabble and a myriad of other games.  Or why not host an impromptu cocktail party for all of those unattached?  Here is the perfect recipe! Whatever your plans for tomorrow, hope it’s a wonderful day!  Xo

Valentine'sDay Date 2

Valentine'sDay Date 3

Valentine'sDay Date 4

GET THE LOOK// These red twill shorts from a-thread seemed like the perfect place to start for a Valentine’s Day Date!  (It’s probably a little warmer here than some places, but a fun printed pant would do the trick as well.)  I can’t even tell you how much I wear this chambray shirt.  It is the gift that keeps on giving every time I walk into my closet.  Tucking it in gives me more of a waist and makes the look more feminine.  I added a skinny belt for good measure, even if the shorts are sans belt loops.    For a fun romantic touch, I cut a small strip of this oversized floral scarf for my hair and laid out the rest for a cozy spot for our game day date!  I found this pink bag at Target– it reminded me a lot of this one, don’t you think?  The shoes are from the Gap, first shot in this post.  Because the print of the scarf and shorts was on the busier side, I kept the other accessories super minimal.  The cute gold heart ring is by boe.

Photos by Denise Crew

  1. You are too cute, Jen, and your fashion sense is impeccable. I wear my chambray shirt like a uniform. It’s amazing how versatile it is!

  2. Jen, I just came across your site and love looking at how you put your outfits together. These pictures are so well done, and you have an unexpected way of putting things together. Love the brightness and energy!