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Oh the life of the working mom.  While I don’t plan on being fully back to work until she is about six months (and even that is up for discussion– I’m rather attached to this baby with her full head of hair.) I’ve been having a babysitter come a few hours a week now that Aaron is back to work so that I can keep up with shooting, blogging, and emails.  Styling projects are another story.  I’ve never felt more efficient in my whole life.  The amount of things I can strategically cram into those hours is mind-boggling.  My new-working-mom-uniform goes a little something like this: oversized top, skinny jeans, great shoes that are somewhat too impractical with a baby in tow but still practical enough to be efficient, and accessories that I dare not wear when I’m toting her around lest they get caught on her fragile baby soft skin.

The-Oversized-Top-2 The-Oversized-Top-3

The oversized top can be a challenging piece to pull off.  The key is to juxtapose the size of it with super skinny pants or leggings to balance it all.  (Like these Old Navy ones that I can’t stop wearing and only cost $17!)  The reverse is also true.  Rocking a pair of wide-leg jeans or drapey silk pants?  Pair them with a simple fitted tank for a really effortless chic look.  If your short on time, a bright lip/bright accessory combo does a good job of replacing a full face of make up… and ultimately looks fresher anyways.

The-Oversized-Top-4 The-Oversized-Top-5

Okay moms.  Please dish.  When did you go back to work?  How do you balance time with your kiddos and time spent doing work.  I’m fortunate to be so passionate about what I do, but it still doesn’t come close to my love for this little one!


Top, Zara // Hat, Gap // Jeans, Old Navy // Zippered Pouch, Commes des Garcons // Shoes, Coach (Similar) // Bracelet, Scotch and Soda // Ring, Julie Vos

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  1. Gorgeous + simple + dash of color. I love it!
    Around here I’m still taking care of my baby boy full-time + at the same time I’m a creative part-time VA. And as yourself LOVE +ADORE what I do but ‘ I’m fortunate to be so passionate about what I do, but it still doesn’t come close to my love for this little one’. Cheers to us, working + loving mums 🙂

  2. I’m having the same problem – we just had our first baby (a little girl) five weeks ago, and I have no idea how I’m going to go back to work. So tough!

  3. rachel


    my sister has Tuesday-Thursday as work days and Friday-Monday as mummy days, this means they can go away at weekends and she can have her work brain in full mode midweek. Her husband has Thursday as Daddy day so they’re only using childcare for Tuesday and Wednesday.. seems a good way. I stayed home and my other sister worked full time, I think my little sister has got the balance right and has kept up professionally, she’s a GP.

  4. beautiful! this top!
    ladies in navy

  5. It was really hard thinking about putting Kaia in daycare full time when she was only 5 months old, but once I found a place I liked and trusted it put me at ease. Now that she is more mobile and social she plays with the other kids and loves it! She honestly gets a smile on her face and giggles with excitement the moment we walk in the door and she sees the other kids and care takers. Then again, I have to admit I do get sad sometimes thinking about the things I am missing, luckily as you know we get breaks here..and I cherish those! Over all, I love being a working mama though!

  6. Love this! So true on balancing out your silhouettes – I’m still perfecting it, but before I figured that out I ended up just looking frumpy and accentuating that baby weight I haven’t lost yet. I’m definitely going to focus more ont eh shoes/accessories – great reminder, they can really pull together a ho-hum outfit into something (relatively) chic. Maybe I’ll even invest in that red lipstick I’ve always been too chicken to try and pull off! A great haircut is also something that can really make you feel like a million bucks 🙂

    The best advice I got about returning to work was not to try not too worry about it too much until you need to. Sounds simple, but so hard to do. I couldn’t imagine going back even to a job I loved, when my little guy was tiny. I knew that I needed (and wanted) to go back, but just wasn’t sure how I could leave him with someone else. When the time came – for us when he was around six months – it was a tough transition but quickly it became normal. I saw that he was doing well and enjoying the socializing, and I got back into my work and realized that daycare didn’t mean I would never see him. It helps to have some flexibility in your schedule, which it sounds like you do, and just take the transition as it comes. Just try and enjoy this amazing time with her as much as you can, though – I had so many friends who worried so much about what they were going to do that it colored their time with their babies and didn’t allow them to enjoy them enough. Like so many things, in retrospect I spent way too much time and energy worrying about something that seemed to work itself out!

    As for work/life balance…still working on that – let me know if you have any answers! Owning yout own business gives you lots of flexibility, but also so many other challenges when it comes to that elusive balance. There’s just never enough time.