My Style // The Striped Midi Skirt


Ever since my big closet clean out, I’ve tried to limit myself to buying things I really need, rather than impulse shopping.  I’m over the whole big-packed-closet look, if you know what I mean.  I recently parted with my white jeans because they had had a good life and were really beginning to show their age.  (You can only bleach white so many times.)  So I was out and about one day at J.Crew looking to fill this closet void and stumbled upon this skirt.  It definitely wasn’t on my list of things I needed, and no I didn’t find white jeans, but sometimes fate intervenes, and you know what they say about fighting fate…



I had to trouble shoot the top a little bit to find one I loved.  The catalog shows this skirt paired with a sweater, but since the skirt is on the longer side, I feel like you need to see a bit more arm to balance it all out.  (This is really deep stuff, you guys!)  I also am not a super dressy person, so the front tuck of this cropped tee is totally my speed.  If I were to dress it up for a wedding or shower, I love the idea of a cropped lace sleeveless top like this one.

My_Style_The_Striped_Midi_Skirt_4 My_Style_The_Striped_Midi_Skirt_5 My_Style_The_Striped_Midi_Skirt_6

Hope your weeks are off to a great start!  Parker and I fly to Austin tomorrow for a job. It’s our first flight since she started walking, so I feel like even though she’s a frequent flier, this will be a whole new ball game.  Wish us luck!


Skirt, J. Crew // Tee, J.Crew from last year (similar here and this tee would also be super cute) // belt (similar) // shoes, Anthropologie

Photography by Mary Costa

  1. So cute so chic so summer….Love it Jen!!!! Thanks for an inspirational blog

  2. Love the horizontal stripes on the tee and the vertical stripes on the skirt combo!

  3. Arielle


    Beautiful skirt! I love the way you belted it (: I love the design of the bag as well, it’s a lovely pop of color to your outfit! If you don’t mind me asking, what brand is the bag from?

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