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Happy Monday, friends!  We are starting the week off with a bang and a big shoot day at my place today.  They’re always crazy hectic, but still my favorite days of all.  For 70% of my working life, it’s just me, my computer, and I, so I live for the other 30% when our team is together and getting to make all of the visions in our head come to life!  A couple of weekends ago when I was in Palm Springs, I was chatting with a few friends when the subject of bags came up.  Someone complimented someone’s Chloe cross body and it set off a conversation about how we sometimes feel obligated to go for the classic style or classic color way when we are investing in a piece, but that she is so glad she stuck with her gut on bought the one she really wanted.  It’s not a bad theory, investing only in timeless classics, but if you aren’t careful you’ll end up with a closet full of things that you just aren’t that excited about.  As long as your entire closet isn’t a collection of over-the-top statement pieces, then a few here and there can be mixed and matched with ease.  Take this bag for example…


When I got it, I had a 17 month old babe.  It’s much smaller than anything I had previously been carrying in the last 18 months.  It’s also WHITE (a creamy winter white, to be exact) which kind of makes my mom brain scream, “No!” from a practicality stand point, but it makes my style brain scream, “YES!”.  I was worried that I wouldn’t use it because it wasn’t practical or that I would ruin it and all of it’s glorious whiteness, but guess what?  Six months later it’s still my go to bag for every day and it’s still gloriously white.  Parker has her own mini backpack with all of her necessities and enjoys toting it around, but it usually just stays in the car or the stroller until we need it anyways.



The moral of the story?  Sometimes the impractical thing is exactly the perfect thing and a closet full of practical things does not an exciting wardrobe make.  Go with your gut.  Buy a few things just because they make you happy!


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jeans, MOTHER via ANTHROPOLOGIE || sweatshirt, ZOE KARSSEN via SHOPBURU || boots, COACH || bag, COACH || sunglass, RAYBAN || bracelet, NOONDAY COLLECTION

Photos by Alecia Lindsay

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  1. Beautiful bag, and I’m so impressed with how you kept it so white with your toddler around!
    Eileen x

  2. Cute and Casual…I am in your neck of the woods….Austin tx and lake travis….WOW(love it)xx

    • Jen Pinkston


      Oh so fun! I hope you’re having a great trip! Xx

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