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So, I have a confession to make.  I have been experimenting with the idea of a capsule wardrobe and I haven’t even told you guys!  I stumbled upon these posts of Erin’s and then my hair stylist, Addie, mentioned that she had read a similar post here.  I was so intrigued that I went home immediately and put everything from my closet onto wardrobe racks in my office and only brought back about 30 things.  It hasn’t been a total success because I admittedly did it in a rush and didn’t think through certain situations.  I also didn’t clean out my drawer of sweaters, so when I want something extremely cozy I go rifling through it and end up in something not in the original count of 30 things.  However, it has been eye opening in the best way.  Getting dressed in the morning has become exponentially easier. It’s like someone has narrowed down that vague, open-ended writing prompt and given you a dozen options and you love them all.  There is also something about walking into a closet where none of my clothes touch that feels like a dream and makes the whole world feel a little more in place, at least my whole world…


A few things I have learned so far, is that I can’t get enough of black and white.  Over-dyed black jeans and great white tees are such staples for me.  They’re like a blank canvas for which you can layer sweaters, jackets, button down shirts, heels, boots or sneakers and come up with a dozen different looks.  This jacket from Asos is kind of the perfect weight for the cool evenings that have been following our very warm days here in sunny LA.  (I always refer to LA as sunny, always.  I can’t type LA without preceding it with the word sunny.  It’s a total thing.)

TEC-Buffalo-Check-Jacket-3 TEC-Buffalo-Check-Jacket-4


These photos were taken outside of The Culver Hotel in downtown Culver City.  If you’re ever in LA, the bar and restaurant are worth the stop, even if to just take in the design.  Then after re-fueling you can hit up HD Buttercup for a clever smattering of all kinds of furniture and Rolling Greens for plants and succulents that will knock your socks off.


I’m still fine tuning what items work perfectly in my own capsule wardrobe.  I’ve thought about posting what my 30 pieces for March or April would be.  Is that something you would be interested in reading?  Would you ever consider a capsule wardrobe for yourself or does it sound a little mundane?  I have to say, I’m finding a little addicting and the pile of clothes I want to donate in my office is growing every day…

Jacket, Asos (Similar here and here) / Shoes, Madewell / Jeans, Citizens of Humanity / Tee, J.Crew / Necklace,  Stella & Dot / Bracelet, Jenny Bird / Birthstone Bar Necklace, Naomi Gray

Photos by Mary Costa

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  1. Awesome coat! I would love you to pop by my blog and add this outfit to my fashion bloggers link up. I think my readers would really like your style.

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  3. I would be very interested in what your spring/summer capsule would consist of! I do the capsule idea but not very thoroughly…so once in a while I’ll pull out one of those “eh” articles of clothing and wear it : ) But it makes everything so much simpler! I hope to do my spring and summer shopping in April so I’d love to hear what you think are good pieces for summer and why : ) Thanks for your great posts!

  4. I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe but I haven’t been able to find the time to clean out my closet. Maybe one of these snowy days I will get around to it. How did you get started? What determined what you kept?

  5. Totally with you on the black and white! That’s probably why I love this outfit so much!

  6. I’ve just done a similar exercise in ‘sunny Sydney’ and now I love looking into my wardrobe! I actually think I see more ‘options’ than before because it all works. Love the ASOS coat and I’d love to see your March/April capsule.

  7. KATIE J


    I would love to see a post of what you choose as your 30 for your capsule. I’ve semi-done this for fall/winter but am not completely there yet. However, this concept help me pair my closet down even further than I had already done last spring. I have found that long sleeve white tees are my jam. I had no idea.

  8. you are DARLING. ahhh i just want to pop over to L.A. for a hug and squeeze. 🙂 LOVE you, love the outfit! and yay for capsules!

  9. rachel


    serendipity! just donated a huge sack of clothes this morning! can’t get over how happy i feel knowing all my clothes are ones i love NOW and are in the wardrobe or chest of drawers so i can see them. I’ve always rotated between seasons so for me capsule would have to be by season, with some items that i love so much they last a few years, I definitely love packing light for travel but as you say for day to day it makes life so simple. I used to think i couldn’t justify the extra expense but the emotional happiness and fun of getting a new capsule together is worth it, keeping it fun like a game rather than strict like a duty works best, so as you say the odd cheat raid of the ‘spares’ makes sense… look forward to seeing what you do… xxx

  10. Katie H.


    I would LOVE to know the top 30 pieces you would choose for March or April! I’m not sure I could go whole hog, but I want to trim things down and could use a little inspiration.

  11. I would definitely be interested in seeing which items you pick for a capsule wardrobe. Sometimes I think that my wardrobe is just too stuffed and pairing it down would actually create more options that I love, instead of sometimes just wearing pieces because I haven’t styled them for awhile. But then again, whenever I try to get rid of things, I somehow still end up with way too much!

  12. Jen,
    Oh I’ve heard SO many friends talk up the capsule wardrobe! It’s such a great idea and I have to admit, purging my closet sounds lovely right about now! Speaking of lovely, this outfit on you?! SWOON.

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