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Breakfast In Bed :: The Effortless Chic 1

Happy Wednesday morning, friends!  Don’t you wish we could start every day snuggled up in our favorite jammies, cozy bed linens and enjoying our coffee in bed?  We would never be running late and time would be something we had in surplus.  Sounds pretty dreamy, right?  It may not be a realistic every day routine, but it seems worthy of penciling in on a Sunday morning on occasion.  Lately I’ve been trying to soak up every moment of pre-baby life– dinners at new restaurants, weekends spent leisurely strolling Abbot Kinney with the husband, and the occasional mornings spent sleeping in past 7am.  I have a feeling a lot is about to change in five weeks!

Breakfast In Bed :: The Effortless Chic 2

Breakfast In Bed :: The Effortless Chic 3

Breakfast In Bed :: The Effortless Chic 4

How sweet is this polka dot fine china from Kate Spade?  It’s such a fresh take on something that can be ordinarily traditional.  I have this lovely California sunshine to thank for those garden roses from our backyard.  Everything is already in bloom!  These Plum Pretty Sugar for BHLDN pajamas have become a mainstay in my evening wardrobe.  The lovely pastels and soft cotton voile feel so much better over this bump-turned-basketball than an oversized t-shirt.  It’s the little things right?

Breakfast In Bed :: The Effortless Chic 5

Breakfast In Bed :: The Effortless Chic 6

Breakfast In Bed :: The Effortless Chic 7

Alright mamas, with just five weeks left, any preparations I should be making?  Things I should be doing? Moments I should be relishing?  Also, what do you recommend packing for the hospital? Some of the lists out there seem a little over the top!  ANY advice you have would be much appreciated!

Photography by Mary Costa

Pajamas, Plum Pretty Sugar / Coffeepot, Kate Spade / Coffee Cup, Kate Spade / Saucer, Kate Spade / Nail Polish, Essie / Wooden Tray (Similar)

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  1. Wow…Jen you make pregnancy look so good…very pretty sleepwear!

  2. Oh Jen…love the kate spade tea set and those cute polka dots!

  3. How cute is this?! PS. Do you mind tell me where your duvet/comforter is from? I am in love with the gray and it looks super pet friendly!

    • Jen Pinkston


      Thank you so much, Samantha! We don’t have any pets so I can’t attest to it’s friendliness, but I adore this duvet! It’s from Restoration Hardware’s and is part of their vintage washed belgian linen collection. It’s a little pricey, but I figure we use it every day 🙂

  4. Swoon! Jen, this post is gorgeous! We are so grateful to have our Plum Pretty Sugar for BHLDN pj set featured in this post, thank you so very much! We send you so many warm and sweet wishes for your little one to come.


    • Jen Pinkston


      I am so glad you like the post. I seriously cannot get myself out of those pajamas some mornings! They are my absolute favorite!

  5. You look so great! I love that Kate Spade set!

    • Jen Pinkston


      Thank you so much! Isn’t it darling? I am a sucker for polka dots!

  6. To answer ur questions..sleep as much as you can..even if it’s just laying in bed..although you can’t really stock up on will need as much energy as you can muster up those first few weeks! Spend lots of time with your hubby, just talking..snuggling..etc. because once that little lady arrives you will miss the “us” time. Honestly you don’t really need anything for the hospital, I was in and out in a day and a half. They provide you with most everything you need. Bring your toiletries-they have some but it’s so nice having your own. Keep your nice clothes and pjs at home-no need to ruin them. Sports bras are nice as well as maybe a pillow from home, you lay in that bed a LONG time 😉 All you really need for baby girl is a going home outfit and car seat..and maybe a blanket if it’s cold. May sound silly but make some “ice packs” for down below with witch hazel and aloe.. you will thank me later;) Lastly put a towel underneath your sheets so if your water breaks in bed you don’t ruin your mattress. I took all our nice sheets and duvet off our bed for the last few weeks just in case. Gosh I could go on and on. Hope that helps!

    • Sorry one more thing..make sure Aaron has stuff to keep him busy and snacks..the waiting can be short or really long and you wont want him to leave your side;) excited for you guys!!

      • Jen Pinkston


        Thank you so much for all of the tips, Layla! That is super helpful! I hope you’re enjoying your new little one. She is adorable!

  7. Christy


    So excited that you are almost there and the photos look like it was a lovely morning! I am also a sucker for polka dots, so I am definitely checking out that china.
    For the hospital…..if you are planning on nursing, I would NOT go the sports bra route. Instead, find a soft nursing bra designed for sleep. Bring your own toiletries…it just makes you feel nicer. Same with your own pillow. Car seat, going home outfit for baby and maybe a cute blanket to tuck on top of her in her car seat (and if she is small, you can roll it up and use as a headrest so her head doesn’t loll to much). For yourself, a cute going home outfit, but nothing too fancy. You want to be comfortable and look nice for a picture. But mostly comfortable. And not to scare you, but you will have some extra padding on the bottom (which the hospital provides). You’ll likely be in and out pretty quickly, but if you might want a book or something on a kindle or a magazine. It seems like the nurses always come to check juuuust as you’re getting some rest and then you can’t sleep. I don’t tend to sleep well away from home anyway. And of course, your camera!
    Best wishes! Having a new baby, especially your first, is such a special sweet time.

  8. What a sweet post! Especially as a soon-to-be-mother, but anybody really, should schedule mornings in bed. I recently started buying matching pajama sets and I feel so much prettier at night and in the morning. I really underestimated the importance of nice pjs. I love Carole Hochman’s pieces. I have a set that looks similar to this and it’s my absolute favorite!!

    Luci’s Morsels – fashion. food. frivolity.

  9. Jen! Love this! I would get in as many date nights as possible in the next 5 weeks. Once baby girl is here, you might be out of commission on the whole date night thing for awhile. But it won’t really matter because you’ll be in heaven with that baby in your arms and your man by your side.