My Capsule Wardrobe // Early Summer


I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about a post.  This post is a culmination of so many things that I don’t even know where to begin, but here goes!  The idea to try out a capsule wardrobe came about around three months ago.  I was getting my hair done by my good friend and hair stylist extraordinaire, Addie, and she asked if I had seen a particular post about capsule wardrobes.  I hadn’t seen the one she was referring to, but it was right around the time that Erin was doing something similar and I had just recently seen that.  Addie is a mom also and we just began talking about what it would be like to have fewer things and less choice to make in the morning.  When I got home that afternoon I was completely inspired and immediately took the wardrobe racks out of my office (the perks of being a stylist came in handy!) and put everything from my closet onto the racks.  I pulled off roughly thirty pieces, not including shoes, put them back in my closet and wheeled everything else into my office.  Out of site out of mind.


A few things happened.  For starters, I posted this photo to Instagram and got such great feedback from people about being curious about the concept or interested in trying a similar approach.  I also started getting ready quicker in the morning.  Suddenly this little impulsive experiment was giving me back a little slice of my day which was thrilling.  It also quickly curbed my need to buy anything new.  I kept asking myself, “How would this fit with my other 35 pieces?  Would I really wear it enough to justify the purchase?  Is this the one pair of white jeans I’m going to own for the next however many years?”.  What I had done on a whim and with very little thought was quickly transforming my life.  I think the key words here, though, are “on a whim and with very little thought.”  I hadn’t thought it through.  I hadn’t actually purged as much as I should have or packed up what was left, so as soon as the next styling job came up and I needed those rolling racks and the space my old clothes were occupying, everything took up residence once again back in my closet and it was quickly back to same old methods of getting dressed in the morning with a slew of clothes to choose from.


Enter April.  April was pure craziness going from one styling job to the next, something that I have been mindful not to do since Parker was born, but one yes led to the next yes and before I knew it I was booking out my last free day of the month.  The insanity made me want to reduce and minimize the time I spent on everything else in my life.  When I wasn’t working I wanted to be with Aaron and Parker.  It also reminded me how much I love styling and fashion and wardrobe.  As exhausting as it can be at times, I love my job.  When I started this site, it was because I had just transitioned from a full-time job in television to a freelance career and needed something to do with the extra time on my hands, lest I lose my mind.  I never imagined it becoming a business, but as it did I quickly began dabbling in other interests.  Interiors?  Sure!  Food?  Why not?!  Cocktails?  Yes, please!  I do love seeing how style is translated across different categories, but I have been realizing over the last few months that I really want to get back to my roots of personal style and wardrobe with the mission to help get people dressed.  It’s what I’ve been doing for the last 8 years as a stylist and it’s what I’ve love most about this site.

Posts aren’t typically this wordy around here, so if you’re still reading at this point, thanks!  Any how, here are the details about how it will work:  These are my 36 pieces that I have been/will be wearing for the next two months.  Twice a week I will be posting outfits from this capsule collection here and also sporadically on Instagram.  I imagine myself switching out the pieces every two months instead of three.  I just feel like May and June are very different here from July and August and September and October are very different from November and December.   I’m excited to see where I am on this little adventure in two months!  Here is the breakdown of what I kept:



5 short sleeve tees, 4 tank tops ( 2 casual, 2 dressy), 1 long sleeve dressier tee, 1 3/4 sleeve thin sweater, 3 button down shirts (2 casual cotton, 1 dressier silk crepe), 3 pairs of shorts, 1 short skirt, 1 long skirt, 3 pairs of jeans, 4 dresses, 1 cardigan, 1 jean jacket, 1 cropped kimono, and 1 jersey cotton cocoon wrap.

01. C’est La Vie Graphic Tee, J. Crew Factory (No longer available, but See all of my favorite graphic tees here!)

02. Red Tee, Madewell

03. Tout Va Bien, J. Crew (No longer available, but See all of my favorite graphic tees here!)

04. Gray Boatneck Tee, A.P.C. ( Similar and Similar)

05. Pineapple Tee, Anthropologie

06. White Silk Tank, Nordstrom BP Department

07. Blue Linen Tank, Sandro (from a sale in Paris like 5 years ago– similar)

08. White and Black Embroidered Tank, Anthropologie (It’s only kind of similar, but I love this tank)

09. Black Silk Tank, Theory (Similar + Similar)

10. Grey knit Tee with Leather Trim, Splendid

11. Thin Striped Sweater, Rag & Bone (Similar + Similar)

12. Grey and White Striped Buttondown, Madewell (Similar + Similar)

13. Chambray Shirt, BDG (Similar)

14. Floral Silk Button Down, Equipment

15. Sheer Floral Kimono, Kimchi & Blue (Similar)

16. White Cropped Jeans, Paige

17. Denim Shorts, Madewell

18. Light Distressed Jeans, Alexa Chung for AG

19. White and Navy Cotton Pinstripe Shorts, Splendid

20. Dark Skinny Jeans, Paige

21. Striped Midi Skirt, J. Crew

22. Polka Dot Dress, Equipment

23. Lace Crochet Mini Dress, Ella Moss (+ Similar)

24. Long Sleeve Striped Dress, J. Crew

25. Gray Knotted Dress, Splendid (Also, available here.)

26. Black Crepe Shorts with Leather Tie, Helmut Lang

27. Rust Cardigan, Madewell

28. Denim Jacket, Levi’s

29. Red & Navy Striped Jersey Pencil Skirt, Madewell (Similar + Similar)

30. Gray Jersey Cocoon Wrap, Alternative Apparel (Similar)

31. Platform Raffia Lace Up Shoes, Robert Clergerie (Also, available here if you need a different size and this is a much cheaper somewhat similar version.)

32. White and Tan leather Heeled Sandal, Coach (Similar + Similar)

33. Leather Slip-On Sneakers, Gap

34. Tan Cut Out Heels, Anthropologie

35.  Black Clog Sandals, Swedish Hasbeens (Similar style in black)

36. Flat Leather Sandals, Coach (Similar + Similar)

Garment Rack by West Elm

Photography by Mary Costa

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