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It’s impossible for me to approach the middle of June without a case of wanderlust, especially this year since we are laying low with the babe and staying here in sunny California.  (There are worse places to be laying low, I guess!) As I dream about our next big adventure, these five places are at the top of my list.  Have any of you visited them?  Recommendations? What destinations are on your list?

1. Greece

We came so close to going here on our honeymoon and I’ve been dying to get there ever since.  The big question is, where do you go?  Mykonos? Santorini? Rhodes or Crete?  Help!



2. Morocco

This destination has been on my list since high school when I read ‘The Beautiful Fall‘.  It’s a biography about Yves Saint Laurent and tells the tale of he and his posse of muses and colleagues taking annual holidays in Marrakech.  The spice market, the architecture and design (interesting tile for days!), and the desert landscape have all been calling my name ever since.



3. Portugal

We almost stopped here when we were in Spain, but decided to spend more time in Mallorca instead.  (Not a bad decision, I might add!)  I love the seaside scenery, the food, and the culture that the country touts.  Has anyone been here as well as Spain?  How did they compare?  This would be an easy addition to a Moroccan itinerary!



4. Peru

Two words.  Machu Picchu.  Well, three words, because you can’t go to Peru and not hop a flight to the Galapagos.  Dying to see both of these places.  Plus, I’ve never been to South America, so it’s about that time, right?



5. Croatia

I could wax poetic about why I want to go to Croatia or you could read this article.  Who’s coming with me?!


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  1. SessyB


    We went to Crete last year, and have no intentions of going back. Simpy just too touristy in the tacky way. We drove from one end of the island to the next, and it was the same every where. I’m sure you can find plenty of better places than Crete in Greece.

    But I highly recommend Croatia. Such a lovely, laid back place with the clearest water ever, and although it caters for tourists big time, it hasn’t completetly taken over. We particularly love Split with its Roman history, but found Dubrovnik a bit boring and soulless after the initial day or two.

  2. I live in Greece so we do our share of “island getaways” when we get the chance. So many islands to choose from! We went to Rhodes last month. Although it’s definitely worth seeing the quaint old Medieval town, castle, and exploring the history, it’s best to combine it with another island. It’s very touristy in the sense that there are a lot of resorts (corporate chains) and due to the old vs new town dichotomy, you don’t feel as though you’re on a Greek island. If you’re looking for a Greek island vibe in all its glory (whitewashed buildings, picturesque landscape), I’d recommend you go to Santorini or Mykonos (from your given options). We went to Santorini two years ago and it was unreal! It’s so beautiful..! I’ve never been to Mykonos, but I’ve heard great things about it (beautiful beaches). Just got back from Naxos…and we loved it! Amazing beaches & great food options! Honestly though, there are so many islands that are worth seeing and usually forgotten as tourists mostly focus on just Mykonos and Santorini. Wherever you choose to go will remain an unforgettable experience! 🙂

  3. Sign me up for Croatia ASAP! From a friend of mine who studied abroad there and another who went on a scuba diving trip there, I have heard nothing but overwhelming praise for this destination. Definitely on my list!

    xx Katie
    lovely letters

  4. Karen Fleischman


    Great choices! Dying to do Greece also?

  5. I can only speak for Greece, but I highly recommend not missing Santorini. Like you will regret it!
    The islands are so close together, you can easily see Santorini, Mykonos, and another island in a week.
    We chose Naxos as our third (don’t miss Plaka Beach!) and it was perfect and not touristy! I wish we had seen Crete, but it is in another island grouping-so you would have to jump on a plane. Skip Athens and just visit the islands…I have heard wonderful things about Tinos and Milos also 🙂

  6. California is on my travel wish list. You’re so lucky to live there! I’m heading to Greece this Friday… we’re going to be staying in a beautiful hotel in Halkadiki. I’ll report back 🙂

  7. I am packing bags now and grabbing my itinerary list…let’s roll Jen! lol

  8. Mariana Loureiro


    You should come to Portugal and visit Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais, Alto Douro and Azores. You will never regret it!

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