Mermaid Braid Hair Tutorial

You’ve probably been hearing all about the mermaid braid! Here we will tell you how to do it, what to wear it with and more! Keep reading for the full mermaid braid hair tutorial.


Are you dying over this mermaid braid like we are?!  Here’s the back story:  Britt and I were styling a look book shoot on what ended up being a very hot day in San Antonio, Texas (where very hot days are, of course, the norm), when Mel Dominguez who was doing the hair on set decided to help a sister out and braid Britt’s hair to get it off of her back.   The result after a mere two minutes of twisting and pulling and securing with a hair tie? This mermaid braid that we were all dying over! It is seriously so much easier than that picture makes it look and such an effortless way to pull your hair back this summer without looking like you tried too hard.  Keep reading for the full mermaid braid hair tutorial… and, yes, we all have hair envy too over Ashley’s gorgeous brunette locks!

mermaid-braid-hair-tutorial mermaid-braid-hair-tutorial

Mermaid Braid Hair Tutorial

1. Section hair in a tear drop on crown of head and secure this section with a ponytail.

2. Pinch and pull the hair on top of the rubber band to give it texture, so that it’s not super slicked back to your head.

3. Braid the ponytail into a simple three strand braid and rubber band at the bottom. (The point is to hide the three strand braid and tuck the hair into that braid.)

mermaid-braid-hair-tutorial mermaid-braid-hair-tutorial

Mermaid Braid Hair Tutorial (continued)

4. Section off a small piece of hair from the front of your face, twist it as shown in the above image and then tucking the twisted piece into the simple braid, holding the twist at the end with your fingers, no need to secure with a rubberband.  (To add texture, pinch and pull pieces of hair out of the twist before tucking which will give it a messier look.)

mermaid-braid-hair-tutorial mermaid-braid-hair-tutorial

Mermaid Braid Hair Tutorial (continued)

5. Repeat on the opposite side and then continue until all of the hair has been twisted and tucked into the braid.  On Ashley’s hair, this meant a total of three twists on each side.

Mermaid Braid Hair Tutorial (continued)

6. When done, pinch, pull upwards, and fan outwards to distress the braid.

7. Back comb the end of the braid below the pony tail holder to add texture.

8. Lastly, cut out elastic holding braid together on top

mermaid-braid-hair-tutorial mermaid-braid-hair-tutorial

Photography by Katie Jameson

Mermaid Braid Tutorial by Mel Dominguez (To book an appointment with Mel, email [email protected])

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    I NEED to try this!! Looks amazing and pretty simple to do! Love it!

  3. This braid is amazing! I must try it!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  4. This is beautiful! I’m pretty sure there’s no way I could braid my own hair this way, haha…I need to recruit a friend!

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