Does anybody else remember the marble art set from when you were a kid?  The one where you put your paper on the spinning plate and then added paint and marbles to it while it spun round and round and round?  I loved the fact that you had no idea what it would look like until you finally stopped the paper from spinning to reveal your masterpiece!  I am equally intrigued these days by the use of marbling by designers.  In the last few days I have seen it everywhere!  Dresses, upholstery, iPhone cases– it seems there is no end to the possibilities.  It takes every day pieces and turns them into practical works of art.

(PS. Stay tuned for a giveaway of one of these items next week!)

1. Chole Sunglasses (on sale here!)

2. Rachel Pally for Power Support USA (get it here!)

3. Gorgeous hand-marbled notebooks by Jacquie Ferrency

4. Staircase inside of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum

5. Kensie Dress (shop it here!)

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