Making a Case for the Summer Adventure

(This post is sponsored by Hanna Andersson, a brand I love!)
Tomorrow we celebrate two years with Parker. Two extraordinary years.  The lessons we have learned are plentiful but one is the most poingant.  It all goes by so quickly. I was habitually told this during my pregnancy– from friends, family members, and strangers shopping the same aisle as me at the supermarket.  As it goes with most cliches, it’s proven to be true.  Perhaps because we wish to slow it down, to even press pause, time continues on seemingly more rapidly than ever before. Which is why there’s never been a better time to add an away message to your inbox and enjoy these warm spring and summer months with the people who make us the happiest.  It’s easy to wear our busyness as a badge, but I hope that this year we will feel entitled to summer. Entitled to appreciate the warm sun on our sun screened skin and the initial exhilaration of chilly water as it reaches our bodies for the first time. I hope that for the next four months, we make space for the spontaneous and anticipate the extraordinary moments that get even better with age. The ones that we reflect on while gazing out of a car window years later as an unconscious grin widens inexplicably across our faces. Because they’re only little this once. And while adventures may not always make the most sense or be the most logical choice, they’re worth it. We will remember them long after we are done applauding ourselves for our schedules kept and routines followed.  Whether it’s a sandy beach with salty air or a day spent at the lake, let’s appreciate a sun that sets well after bedtime and the curiosity of these miniature explorers, because it’s true: they’re only little once.  Keep reading for my beach essentials (like these Hanna Andersson rash guards) and my favorite beach snacks– perfect for a park date, a beach adventure, and beyond!
We spent this day at Leo Carrillo– one of my three favorite beaches in Malibu.  (Point Dume is my favorite, but there was a huge production shooting there on this day.  El Matador is also amazing!)  I mentioned earlier that I love these Hanna Andersson rash guards.  Parker’s skin is super fair, so I love knowing that her back and shoulders are all covered up.  Otherwise, no matter how much sunscreen I apply, they always seem to end up a little rosy.  On that same note, you’re unlikely to find me anywhere these days without a hat (like this one).  It’s a two fold reason that involves less time getting ready and also protects my own fair skin from the sun.  Win, win!
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Since nothing works up an appetite like (sand) castle building, it’s important to bring snacks!  I love these chicken pineapple meatballs and these fruit pizzas.  I buy the whole wheat mini pancakes in the frozen section at Whole Foods, top them with a thin layer of cream cheese and Parker’s favorite berries.  I keep them frozen, and then by the time we eat them they have defrosted on their own.
Salty snacks and sweet treats, though, are just the cherry on top.  Wherever your adventure takes you these next four months, I hope it’s amazing!  Here’s to putting family first and choosing adventure… and cute outfits! 😉
On Parker: Ruched Swim Bottoms || Striped Rash Guard ||  Summer Slides || Heart Sunglasses (similar) || Swim Bag
On Jen: Dress || Clog Sandals || Hat

Photography by Mary Costa

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  1. Molly {Dreams in HD}


    What a perfect afternoon getaway. How I envy you west coasters for all of your fantastic destinations within driving distance – just one reason we’re getting married out there in August!

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  2. A beach babe with her beach baby…Jen y’all are FABULOUS xx

  3. A beach babe with her beach baby…Jen y’all are FABULOUS xx

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