A Video Love Song for Austin

It’s crazy to me that we have already been back here in Austin for over a year now.  Even though it’s such a big life transition to move halfway across the country after putting down ten years worth of roots, it’s actually felt really seamless and not at all that crazy or overwhelming– despite the fact that we will have moved three times in less than 18 months by the time we are in our new place (that we have been working on since last June) and also getting pregnant with baby #2 late last fall.  Our plates are undoubtedly full, but somehow Austin just so immediately felt like home and like the change of pace that we didn’t know we needed, but has suited us so well these last 14 months.  I met up with my good friends from Paige who I have been working with since my early styling days in Los Angeles during SXSW in the spring and they let me in on the secret that they were going to be opening their first store outside of California or New York here in Austin this summer.  It was such good news!  They have been my favorite jeans for so long, not just for myself, but also for styling jobs and clients.  Any time someone asks for the most flattering jean I always point them in the direction of Paige, so you can imagine my excitement that they finally opened their doors at the Domain Northside this past weekend.  When we decided to put together this video with Paige, it seemed like the perfect chance to show what our new life in Austin looks like most days, including our favorite places, how I run my business here, and what our day-to-day life looks like now.  We’ve been sneak peeking the video all summer long– nothing like being incredibly pregnant and shooting a style video in Texas in the summer, by the way!– but I’m so excited to be able to finally share the whole thing with you here:

Video Shot and Edited by Aaron Pinkston, First and Third Still Photo by Katie Jameson

Featured Wardrobe:

Shoot Locations:

South Congress Hotel || Cafe No Sé || June’s All Day || Frond Plant Shop || Zilker Park || Austin Motel || Jo’s Coffee || Thunderbird Coffee || Amy’s Ice Cream || The Sunset Room

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  1. Love it Jen and you look beautiful xx

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