Living Well: How to Protect Your Eyes in the Digital Age

Is it just me or are we all living in an age when a digitally lit screen feels omnipresent?  I’m guessing I’m not the only one who finds that blue light emitting devices dominate my work day.   Whether it’s a television, a laptop, an iPad, or your trusty cell phone, you would be hard pressed to go a single day without staring for minutes (hours?) on end into one of them.  (Actually, more than 83% of Americans report using a digital device for more than 2 hours a day.)  I have blue eyes that are particularly sensitive to bright sunlight, so I always go out of my way to make sure I’m never without UV protecting sunglasses outdoors, but I had no idea that I could be doing the same for my eyes while working inside.  I stopped by The Vision Council Lounge at SXSW and learned that as our lives become increasingly digitized, we are likely to experience everything from dry eyes and headaches to neck and shoulder pain and blurred vision which are all symptoms of digital eye strain.  The good news? There’s a really simple solution that I just started implementing this past week and have noticed an immediate difference.

Even if you don’t need glasses or contacts, you can select the frames of your choosing and opt for blue light reflecting lenses that will reflect that blue light back and away from your eyes.  You don’t have to sacrifice style for function.  These frames are by Sperry and the Essilor blue light reflecting lenses have a slight purple hue, but otherwise look exactly like any pair of eyeglasses.  In addition to glasses, be sure to have your ambient light around your workspace dimmer than that of your screen.  The brightness of most work spaces confound the problem of digital eye strain.  Blinking often and taking frequent breaks is another way to help your eyes out during your work day. Most importantly, be sure to visit a local eye care provider if you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms.

Do your eyes ever feel fatigued at the end of a work day?  I really think these new glasses will help! For more information, hop on over to The Vision Council to learn more!

Photography by Aaron Pinkston

This post is sponsored by The Vision Council. All opinions are my own.


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  1. My eyes really don’t feel tired but I didn’t know a non prescription lens could help!

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