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Hi, friends!  I’m back from Portland this morning (Wednesday)– sleepy-eyed, but feeling so grateful for a fun work trip, new projects on the horizon and a fun shoot that’s happening around me right now as we speak.  The last six months have been a time of serious soul searching on this site.  I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what kind of content we create, why we create it, and how it’s impacting you, our audience.  It has to be more than pretty pictures, ya know? There’s a lot of thoughtfulness that goes into the copy, the topics, and the content and I hope that comes across.  In almost six years of blogging, though, I still feel just as strongly about celebrating every day style that’s relatable and approachable.  I also know that in order to fully take on some of the new opportunities that are coming our way, it’s time to expand our team and the way we would love to do that is by welcoming a couple of new content contributors to the fold!  Right now you hear from me every day– my perspective based on my personal experiences and aesthetic.  I love the idea of mixing that up and allowing room for new styles and new perspectives, all under our umbrella of relatable, approachable and effortlessly chic.  Is there a certain category of content that you would like to see more of or something that we haven’t even touched on at all?  Let us know in the comments below!  And, don’t worry.  I will still be responsible for the majority of the content here, you will just be getting to hear from some new voices now, too.  Think you might be perfect for our team?!

What kind of content are we looking for? The kind you’re really good at and passionate about!  Style posts like these one piece, two ways posts, interior posts like room reveals and trend/piece round upsbeauty tutorials, well researched how tos and life/career advice, travel posts, diys and recipes are all on the table! (Pun intended.)

Contributors will be paid per post.

Interested?  Send an email to with the subject line ‘Contributor Application’.

  • A little bit about you and the types of projects or posts you would like to create. Be as specific as possible!  Hair Tutorials you can do in under 5 minutes, outfits that cost less than $150 or outfits that are all ethically sourced are all better than their more vague counterparts.  Paleo recipes or breakfast recipes are better than just recipes.
  • Your experience with creating these types of projects. Published examples are great, but if you don’t have this just send photography examples.
  • A link to your website/blog and social media channels
  • How often you would like to contribute. Weekly? Every other week? Once a month?

We’ll begin reviewing applications ASAP and be in touch if we think you are a good fit!

Image via Sandra Semburg

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  1. Oh I’m interested in this. I’ll just need to brainstorm some topics!

    xx Jennifer
    Effortlessly Sophisticated

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