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Even though I have been hearing about Sprinkles ice cream for what seems like ages, I have never indulged in the icy treat.  However, the recent combination of this warm autumn weather and my growing baby bump seemed like the perfect reasons to go ahead and give it a go! Oh. My.  Goodness.  It is so good!  I’m pretty sure this baby gave it two thumbs up, too!


Speaking of this growing bump, I have been finding new ways to dress it and still feel like I am staying true to my old sense of style.  This black dress by Nom (Belly Dance Maternity) has been getting a lot of mileage already!  I love it because I can add a few different accessories and essentially come up with a new look.  Although, it may not feel like fall, I am trying to throw on fall accessories every chance I get!  A hat here, some ankle boots there…



Any moms out there have favorite maternity brands or tips for shopping with a bump?  I have found that ruching is my new best friend and there is no such thing as too long!


Guess what?  We find out on Friday whether this little bump is a boy baby or a girl baby.  I’ve had people tell me that I am carrying like a boy, but then I was really sick in the beginning which I have heard means girl.  Any guesses?  Is there any truth whatsoever to those old wives’ tales?


For the full post, hop on over to Camille Styles!

Dress, Nom / Hat, Target / Scarf, Gap / Shoes, Seychelles / Ring + Bracelet, Julie Vos

Photos by Mary Costa

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  1. When I was pregnant, I found that a good pair of skinny jeans (maternity style) and a few maternity tanks were all I needed to invest in. All my blazers and sweaters made for GREAT cover-ups. I was pregnant from summer-to-fall, so maxi dresses and scarves were also best friends of mine.

    I LOVE your blog and love the way you’re styling that bump! Oh, and let’s not forget oversized sweaters and leggings!

    My favorite places to find maternity stuff were TopShop and H&M (non maternity, just sized up!)

  2. I’ve heard that being really sick in the beginng means boy – so really, it could go either way at this point. I’m excited for you to find out though!

    • Jen Pinkston


      That’s so funny! Someone told me that means girl… so I guess it’s pretty much still up in the air!