Dad Sneakers? Yes, Please! How To Wear Fashion Sneakers 10 Ways…

Just in case you needed another reason to love comfortable footwear, allow us to present how to wear fashion sneakers 10 ways! Keep reading to the end for a round up of our favorite shoppable sneakers!

What is the one item in my closet that I will pair with anything from a long floral dress, to a metallic mini skirt, to jean shorts and a tee? You guessed it— the fashion sneaker! The trendiest of trends that every girl’s hopes and dreams will stick permanently on the pages of Vogue. When I first noticed the dad sneaks on the likes of Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, I (like many) was skeptical of the sincerity of this unusual fashion statement. It was like the fashion world was being ironic because they ran out ideas. This notion was quickly toppled once I bought my first pair of all-white, platform, dad sneakers. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a proponent of wearing a classic Nike Air Force or Adidas All Star with a day time denim look—but this introduction of the sneaker to my Ganni skirts and leopard rompers was a full scale meet cute! My sneakers have since become the playboy of my closet. They love all of my clothes— any shape, size, color and style. They want to go out on the town with every outfit I own. The most notable pairing has been that of my sneakers and workwear. It’s become an unbreakable (and oh so comfy) bond that I would never dare to tear apart. Let’s just hope Anna Wintour agrees… Keep reading for some of my favorite ways to style this all encompassing lover of a shoe! 

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  1. Sold!! I need that whole round up at the end!

  2. Lauren


    Okay, I was skeptical but you’re starting to win me over! They do look sooooo comfortable!

  3. I love wearing sneakers with dresses!

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