Hot Pink Lip

Beauty Trend :: Hot Pink LipLately, this has been my beauty mantra.  In the morning it’s a clean face, a little mascara, a bright pink lip and then out the door!  It all started a couple of weeks ago when I went to see my agent and left carrying an over-sized bag of CK1 cosmetics that she had been sent.  All of the make up artists had already picked theirs up so it was my lucky day!  I am unlikely candidate for a large amount of any kind of make up as my beauty philosophy (or patience for applying it in the morning) is pretty minimal.  As soon as I was back in my office that day, though, I tipped the bag over, let all of the colorful contents spill out, and did a little experimenting.  While there was plenty to play with, I became immediately obsessed with this hot pink lipstick.  I find it so much fresher than a red lip– and perfect for Spring!  If you’re looking to shake things up a little, give it a try!  Here are a couple other versions you might like:

Hot Pink Lip



{Initial image from Giles S/S ’13 runway show.}

  1. I think I’m a little too olive complexion to pull this off! But it is beautiful! =)

    • You absolutely could, Chloe! Just look for warmer shades as opposed to cooler toned ones 🙂

  2. Oh man! We should have talked about this today. I’ve been obsessed with this for a while and can’t find the perfect one. I need a cold-tone neon pink. On our agenda for the next chit-chat, OK? And I’ll need your advice on the ones I do have.

  3. I intended to buy this beautiful pink yesterday, instead ended up with a more red pink by CK One. (can’t remember the name of the color) I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for sharing all your ideas; you’ve given me inspiration I never knew I had by making it look and feel so easy. I feel your motto is “just try it” so I am.