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There are so many things to love about Chanel— where do I even begin?  I think we can all start by being just a little bit jealous of the incredibly chic name she bears. However, she definitely has the style and know-how to back up the fancy moniker.  She is the assistant editor of CamilleStyles.com and currently reigns from a city near and dear to my heart, Austin, of course.  You can see her style in action in posts like this one and this one.  Since she oozes with such one-of-a-kind unique personal style, she was a perfect fit for our next Her Style profile.  I am dying for her outfit, too.  She went straight to my weakness for a good peter pan collar with this one…

How would you describe your personal style? 

Vintage-meets-modern-meets-me. I tend to shy away from what “everyone’s wearing” and like to create outfits that are inspired & original. Prefer separates over dresses. Not big on jewelry.

What are your favorite places to shop?
Zara and Forever 21 for anything trendy that’s not worth shelling out the big bucks, Feathers for rad vintage, and Moss for designer pieces I couldn’t otherwise afford. 

What sort of pieces are you most into lately?

Doesn’t everyone go a little bit ga-ga over boots and coats in the fall? Though it’s a bit wasted in Texas, I am the biggest coat junkie. I’m currently loving anything oversized and with a hood, like the one I’m wearing here. Throw a stunner coat over any outfit and you’re golden. Now if only the temps would drop below the 70’s…

What is your most recent fall purchase?
The boots I’m wearing here. I’m so in love with these chunks that when they’re not on my feet, I have them displayed on a bookshelf in my room. I’m a sucker for shoes with laces, and the wooden wedges make these absolutely perfect for laid-back Austin.

How has your personal style evolved over the years? What things have influenced that?
My sister and I used to always joke that my mother has worn the same colors her entire life: white, beige and black. Oddly enough, we’ve both found ourselves slowly veering onto the same path… straying away from bright colors and bold prints and building out our wardrobes with tons of classic neutrals and basics. Also, living in Austin has made me much more of a casual dresser. I can almost always take my daytime outfits into the night by swapping out my sneaks or flats for heels.

Do you find that your work influences your style or vice versa?

Because style is so valued at my job, I find that the two are constantly influencing one another. It sounds silly, but each night as I try to fall asleep I mentally go through my wardrobe and try to think up a new combination that I haven’t tried yet to wear to work the next day. Of course, if I wake up feeling sluggish in the morning I often forgo my thought-up masterpiece and opt for jeans, a v-neck and Chucks instead… and the fact that I can wear that to work is an employee privilege in itself!

Do you think personal style is important? Does it affect other areas of your life?
To me, it’s important. But more than that it’s fun! If personal style isn’t important or fun to you, then fuggetaboutit!
What is one piece of style advice you would give someone?
My mother’s always told me: “The outfit doesn’t make the person, the person makes the outfit.” Dress with confidence and a smile, and you can pull anything off. Oh… and employ trends with restraint 🙂

Beyond adorable, right?  Thank you so much, Chanel, for sharing this with us!

What Chanel is wearing :: black & white top – Milly – similar here / ripped light jeans – Zara – similar here / black and gold belt – Gucci – similar here / chunky wedge ankle boots – Zara – similar here / oversized hooded swing coat – Forever 21 – similar here or here


Beautiful photos by Kate Stafford of Peacock Photography

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  1. Wow, this is a great post! Love that she is becoming more like her mom, that’s happening to my sister and me as well!!!

  2. Love this post. Chanel is gorgeous and has such great style… her outfits always manage to be put-together and free spirited at the same time!

  3. LOVE everything about this…the outfit, the setting, the originality. Chanel, love your style, and Kate, great photos! Thanks for sharing!

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  7. I love that shirt!! You look so beautiful in all of these pictures, you have such a great smile. Your outfit is lovely!!