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When I first met Emily she was still living on the east coast and going to art school.  My first thought? ” This girl has the most beautiful hair I have ever seen!”  (She seriously does.  When you meet her you will literally stop what you are doing and feel compelled to touch it.)  The very next thing that struck me, though, was what a unique personal style she had.  Since then we have become great friends and collective collaborators on styling projects.  (While I was in Thailand this summer she had to break into my place to prep for a client after I received a 2 am phone call letting me know that said client had a cover shoot the next day!)   She really is her own person and that exudes itself in her very strong sense of style.

See below for proof and my Q & A with her:

Where would you wear this?
I’d walk with an extra spring in my step if I sported this one to a late afternoon lunch with my girlfriends, but I’d take it from day to night by pairing it with a charcoal blazer.
How did you choose these particular pieces and why?
I chose the fitted tank to balance out the loose-fitting aspect of the pant. I’m an avid supporter of the 1:1 ratio of tight to flowie. One usually does not come without the other in my ensemble of the day. I also chose to layer the necklaces, because the varying lengths flatter and slenderize the torso and break up the fairly monochromatic look of the outfit.
What do you love most about this look?
I love that this outfit feels trendy because of the trousers, but maintains simplicity and relative effortlessness because it is really just classic palette colorblocking. It can be worn with sandals, a cute peep-toe flat, or even elegant, narrow satin sneakers and still be a great blend of feminine but trendy.
What makes it special?
The necklaces are truly the best part of this outfit. Not only are they unique and effortlessly cool, but purchasing them supports women in Uganda. Designed and created by 31 Bits, sporting these babies around town funds a multifaceted program built around giving underprivileged women a chance at a better life and the educational tools (ie: learning english, business planning skills, HIV prevention and care) to sustain themselves as independent and strong beings. That’s more special than any extra kick in my step from a sick pair of shoes, or Captain Trendy Trouser status an outfit could bestow. Giving back is the ultimate chic. Plus their necklaces literally go with everything in ones wardrobe.
What is one piece of style advice you would give someone?
My one piece of advice is to rock what you’ve got. If I were to admit how many times I’ve worn these trousers, people would probably disapprove of the discrepancy in the number of times they’ve been dry cleaned. When I say all of my friends have seen them multiple times in many a context, I am not lying. But when you have that one component that takes your outfit from bland to chic or makes you feel just a little bit more confident because you’re comfortable in your ensemble, by all means take advantage of the InstaChic. Clothes are meant to make you feel good about yourself – always build your outfit around that.

For more of Emily, check out her blog here

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