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On Sunday night I was awoken not by the sounds of my toddler who sometimes likes to greet us at odd hours with a request for water, but by the sounds of heavy tree branches swaying back and forth on our rooftop.  (The same branches our landscapers have been telling us we need to trim for months now.  I hear you loud and clear now, Hugo!)  While the gusty winds here in Los Angeles ushered in cooler temperatures earlier this week, it feels like there are winds of change blowing in my own life too.  New opportunities are arising and I’m finding myself giving extra thought to what the future holds and what our next steps may be.  It’s exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time.



I’ve always loved classic pieces that tend to err on the preppier side.  Pieces that rarely go out of style and can have dozens of reincarnated lives.  This jacket for example, is a keeper.  Perfect for a business lunch at Cafe Stella, but may have also been seen moonlighting over a silk cami and cut off shorts while dining at the beach in Malibu this summer.



Do you see the winds of change in your own life right now?  How do you make big decisions?

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Photos by Mary Costa

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  1. My wardrobe is quite stale and so is my style. I need to get a style focus first but am struggling with it big time. Searching on Pintrest brought me to your site due to the pictures! I also tend to be a bit preppier but now am finding that I need to loosen things up a bit. Everyone kids me that I am never without a cardigan. Not sure where this will lead but if you have any resources you would suggest for updating your style, please share! Being 51 is a struggle to find a style that is current, comfortable but not trying to look too young or sloppy.

  2. oh goodness, the winds of change are strong over here–we are welcoming our second little girl (via c-section) on saturday! still trying to figure out how everything is going to work out being a mama to two while working from home. the struggle is real with just one in the house! one day at a time is all i can keep telling myself. yay for all those new opportunities! xo

  3. Amazing photos.Great post!Such a beautiful look!

  4. That seems so good!

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  6. justine


    I love that little ponytail – too cute.

  7. Hannah


    Jen! This blazer is amazing!

  8. that blazer looks like a perfect one for fall!

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