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A couple of weeks ago, I went back to Los Angeles for a couple of days for work.  It was the first time I had been back since we moved to Austin two and half months ago, after living in LA for 10 years, and let me tell you, it was such a mix of feelings.  When I first moved to LA right out of college, I planned to only be there for a year.  Then I made friends and got a job that I really loved, so I stayed longer.  Then I met my husband who also had friends and a job he really loved, so we stayed even longer than that.  When I first moved there, I used to talk about flying back to Austin as “going home”.  I’m not sure when exactly, but at some point, as our roots there deepened, that changed and LA was very much home.  Our family was still our family, but our friends were our family now too.  The first morning on this recent trip back to LA, I woke at 5:30 thanks to the time change and tip toed out of the hotel room and down the elevator to the 24 hour diner at The Standard hotel on Sunset.  I was the only guest at that hour and as I sat in that upholstered diner booth and stared out at Sunset Boulevard, still dark and gray from fog with neon signs dulled in the backyard, it hit me that I was now a tourist in my own home.  A pretty weird feeling, I tell ya.  It still very much feels like home… and yet we don’t live there anymore.   It’s the city where I spent most of my twenties, learned to navigate a metropolis with a Thomas Guide, made lifelong friendships, started my career, met my husband, and had our first child.  I hope that it always feels like home… even as we continue to build our new life in Austin.  And with that, cheers to the weekend, friends, and to finding a sense of home wherever you may be.

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Will gladly be a part of this generation

One of my daily intentions this week was make healthy choices.  Think this qualifies?

This is one of the most beautiful things I have read in a long time…

I just amazoned this, so that I can try this!

I thought this was such a great idea.  I hope Aaron’s not reading this because it might be his future Christmas present…

The sweetest end of summer dress, just in time for Labor Day!

What city or cities feel the most like home to you?

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  1. I know exactly how you’re feeling! I’ve moved between two countries (Finland & France) a couple of times, and now I don’t anymore which one is my home country. With my husband we’re thinking of moving to Canada, but I’m a bit afraid of te idea, since I know it takes time to get used to living in another place. But at the end I’ve never regretted moving and making new friendships, so moving multiple times definitely has its perks, too!

    • Jen Pinkston


      Wow! I can’t imagine what an even more dramatic shift it would be to move countries. That’s such a good point, though. It seems we do pick up friendships along the way that we might not have ever made otherwise. Hope you have a good weekend. Thanks for saying hi 🙂

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