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happy weekend

Haaaaaaaappy Friday, friends!  How are ya, out there?  I just flew back from a quick trip to Minneapolis yesterday.  With the exception of Chicago, I haven’t been to the mid-west since high school (St. Louis), and fell so in love with Minneapolis this week.  It’s such a nice blend of city life and laidback mid-west life, delicious restaurants and bars, and kind, interesting people.  Anyone out there a reader from the mid-west? I totally get the draw! Speaking of the draw, that Cubs game!  I have never been a huge baseball fan… that is until this World Series.  As Rizzo caught the ball at first base for the final out of the game, I have a feeling a whole new generation of baseball fans were born.  I’m going to be spending the weekend catching up on Parker snuggles and celebrating my cousin getting married here in Austin!  If you’re looking for a little reading, here are some of my favorite links from around the web…

A very chic way to enjoy this fall weather…

Loved getting to tour Kate’s Minneapolis studio this week. It’s no surprise that her home is just as dreamy.

Adding this recipe to my fall to do list. (Would make such a great Thanksgiving side, too!)


This bag has made it’s way onto my Christmas list. Not sure how that happened…!

You know those super cute recipes that you pin and never make? I’m determined to make this one

So many of these places on my bucket list.  Have you been?!

I have been loving my friend Anne’s style series

Traveled around with so many fun gals this week, including this one who has such a beautiful site!

Seems like a good closet staple for an Austin resident.

Hey, Liz! Your glasses are so cute!

Has anyone else used this product?  My sister has one and it sounds pretty amazing!

Nothing better than a tee

Image via Glamour Magazine

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    Great links! That bag may be making it to my wish list as well.

    xx, Fatima

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