Happy September || My Fall Bucket List

Last week I talked here about #BestSummerEver and how that mindset really did contribute to making this such a fun and eventful season.  Because it was so positive, I’ve been thinking these last couple of weeks about fall and setting an intention for these next few months and to be honest, I’ve got nothing. Nothing that feels like something I can throw my whole weight behind at least. In the meantime, though, I did create this fall bucket list because FALL IS THE BEST and that is something that I can 100% get behind!  Also, I’ve spoken publicly about my predisposition towards buying blazers which becomes problematic because of my predisposition towards not wearing blazers.  This one, though? I’m in love.  Now if the forecast would just oblige my love for all things fall…

blazer, Veronica Beard || scarf, Madewell || tee, Madewell || jeans, James (similar) || shoes, Rothys || earrings, ABLE

1. Perfect my pumpkin bread recipe. Last year I dabbled in making a ton of different pumpkin bread recipes– we made a new loaf almost every week! You really can’t go wrong with pumpkin bread, but this year I would love to create THE recipe. The one I love the most that I make so often that I can do it by memory and pass it onto my kids.

2. Get outside. These last few weeks of summer have been unbelievably hot.  We’ve been sticking to mostly indoor activities and are sometimes guilty of going to the grocery store as an afternoon activity because air conditioning!  As the temperatures start to cool off, I’m excited to get outside more with the kids, to enjoy our yard, go for long walks in our neighborhood and adventure around the city.

3. Create our best family Halloween costume ever! Last year Ever was just 8ish weeks old by the time Halloween rolled around.  I loved Parker’s Poppy costume that I made for her, but it was so last minute that I never documented it for the blog. (You can see all of our costumes from past years here!)  Our neighborhood is a Halloween dream and we had such a blast last year.  I’m excited to go all out this year now that we are moved into the neighborhood and can bump into familiar faces.

4. Be especially ‘for’ other people. This is something I have been thinking about a lot.  It’s easy to say that you’re for other people– I think most of us would.  It’s an entirely different thing though to look for real tangible ways to be for other people without them having to ask.  To encourage them, promote them, and look for opportunities for them without any expectation of anything in return.

5. Embrace Parker’s last year of preschool.  I signed up to be room mom and am so excited to do whatever I can in her classroom.  I know next year will be so different when she’s in Kindergarten and I just want to soak up this last year of preschool with my sweet oldest babe, whatever that may look like.

blazer, Veronica Beard || scarf, Madewell || tee, Madewell || jeans, James (similar) || shoes, Rothys || earrings, ABLE

Photography by Katie Jameson

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  1. I love your blazer! I’m hoping fall will bring be better luck than summer did!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. No suggestions on pumpkin bread recipes specifically, but I perfected my pumpkin muffins last fall with the addition of cinnamon chips! Good luck with it!

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