Happy Monday!

Happy Monday, friends!  I hope your weekends were wonderful.  Ours was pretty low key, as is the new trend with a newborn.  I’m getting more confident about taking her out and about.  Parker was so easy about going out– she loved sleeping in her carseat whether it was in the car or the stroller, so we spent at least one day at week at LACMA strolling the grounds and the exhibits and me enjoying lunch and a coffee.  Other days we ran errands and met friends for lunch or went to Huntington Gardens.  She was an infant on the go!  Ever on the other hand does not like her sleep interrupted or to be in the car seat in general, but she’s getting better.  Plus the heat really puts a damper on outdoor activities.  I feel like she gets so warm so fast!  I keep looking at the forecast for some cooler weather. Come on, fall! I hope you don’t mind the slower pace of things around here for the next few weeks.  I still have some deadlines to meet and some shoots to complete, but I’m just really enjoying the baby time and trying not to put myself on too much of a schedule.  (However, I’ve been on stories a lot more if you want to come play over there.) We did successfully complete our first shoot last week with babe in tow– she slept pretty much the whole time, thank goodness!– and we have two shoots this week.  Eek! Fingers crossed they go as smoothly!

Ever turned one month on Saturday.  I cannot believe it’s been a whole month since this crazy night. She’s so chubby you guys!  She gained almost a pound between her  one week and two week appointments and looks like she is growing every day.  We go back to the pediatrician tomorrow.  She definitely spits up a lot more than Parker did, but I’m wondering if perhaps she’s just getting too much milk.  Or perhaps she’s just a baby, ya know?  This morning she was super gassy when she woke up and I immediately started thinking I needed to cut out dairy and maybe she was lactose intolerant and then had to think about the fact that maybe she’s just a baby and gets gassy sometimes. Who knows?!  Babies can be so hard to figure out, but for now she’s happy!  She’s sleeping pretty average I think for an almost 5 week old.  She’s doing 3-4 hour stretches throughout the night.  Although she has been really tricky to get down for the night initially.  I’m trying out a new schedule today that gets her down earlier and maybe that will help?  I’m forever reminding myself that we are in the thick of things right now and it will only get easier.

We have been loving these Ollie swaddles. (My other favorite swaddle is the Miracle Blanket.)  Also these cat pajamas are the best!  They have zippers that zip up from the feet making for easy middle of the night diaper changes when needed.  She has been having a lot of trouble taking a bottle– which is my fault for not starting her on it earlier.  Life was just crazy and I didn’t feel like pumping milk… oops!  I promised some of you on stories that I would post all of the tips I got about that and I will do that this morning as soon as I get a free second.  She took 1.5 ounces on Friday, 2 ounces on Saturday, and an ounce yesterday from a bottle so hopefully we are getting there!  It’s always reluctantly for the moment.  We have been using the same stroller we had with Parker– the Uppababy Vista with the added Piggyback board for Parker and it’s been working out great!  She loves riding on it and never asks to be in the stroller.  That stroller is seriously our best baby purchase to date.  We’ve gotten so much use out of it!  It has a huge storage compartment below which is what I always use when grocery shopping or at the farmers market.  We use the bassinet attachment for walks around the neighborhood or any time we are leaving from the house and the car seat with it if we are coming from the car anyways and she’s already in there.  That’s what’s going on here.  Aaron has a lot of travel coming up so I’m learning to master the art of putting two kids down for bed successfully.  Last night wasn’t the end of the world, but neither kid was out in one fell swoop and the only thing I have discovered that keeps Parker from coming into Ever’s room while I’m putting her down is putting on a show which isn’t my favorite thing. Anyone have any tips?!

Hope your week is great and thanks so much for following along on this crazy journey with me!

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  1. Ever is just so cute!! I loved Ellen’s baby announcement. She was only baby i cared about!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. Aw how beautiful is she 😍

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