Happy (Healthy!) Halloween: 25+ Healthier Things You Can Pass Out This Halloween

I find as we become more educated on foods, ingredients, and their affects on us, it makes navigating Halloween (and just eating in general!) with kids so much more challenging. On the one hand, I don’t want to make such a big deal about have sweet treats or Halloween candy that it becomes a thing. After all, I want kids that can self-regulate right? But on the other hand I literally cringe at the idea of them eating Red 40 and Yellow 6. While I know that their trick-or-treat baskets will inevitably include some iffy ingredients, there are ways to be a part of the solution!  Here are over 25 things you can pass out on Halloween that are festive and fun and don’t contain artificial dyes or high fructose corn syrup:

1. Halloween pencils

2. Fair Trade Caramel Chocolates

3. Halloween Coloring Books

4. Yum Earth Fruit Snacks

5. Mini Playdohs

6. Siete chips!

7. Pokemon Bandaids

8. Halloween Bunny Grahams

9. Mini Rainbow Bubbles

10. Yum Earth Lollipops

11. Mini Halloween notepads

12. Individual Smashmallows

13. Sticky hands

14. Spooky Pretzels

15. Flying Toy Planes

16. Individually wrapped Peanut Butter Cups

17. Popcorn for the win!

18. Halloween Slap Bracelets

19. Annie’s Fruit Tapes

20. Dinosaurs!

21. Sour Jelly Beans

22. Cinnamon Churro Rice Krispy Treats

23. Sunglasses

24. Cartoon Bandaids

25. Organic Fruit Leathers

26. Stickers Galore

PS. I really liked this post from Maisonette about handling Halloween candy.

PPS. Still looking for a costume? I got you!

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  1. This will be me when I hand out candy or when I have kids. No high fructose corn syrup and dyes!

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