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I had a text conversation a few nights ago with an old friend and colleague.  We were chatting about a business that she may be potentially starting and life changes and no less than three times in the not-so-long conversation I ended a sentence with “…while you don’t have kids!”.  Anyone else?! I wholeheartedly believe that having children is the most wild fun ride and adventure and I’m so glad to be on it, but so many things are just wildly different once little ones come on the scene.  It is a fact that you have less free time and now small dependent people who need you for their basic needs to get met. BOOK THE TRIP! START THE BUSINESS!  SAY YES TO MORE EXPERIENCES! Pre-kids Aaron and I travelled every chance we got.  When we just had Parker, we still travelled, sometimes with her, sometimes without, but less frequently. However, Ever is now seven months old and has never been on a plane! We are jumping on a plane to LA in a couple of weeks, but I’m scheming up some summer plans, too.  Anyone else with a serious case of wanderlust lately? Keep reading below for some of our favorite travel-related links from around the web!

Wanderlust on a budget? How to find cheap airline tickets….

A voyage uptown… Who would have thought?

If you were trying to kick that jet set feeling, this Instagram account won’t help…

On the hunt for a one-piece suit and loving this one, this one, and this one.

The last big trip Aaron and I took…

I can’t wait to start taking more family trips.  Would it be weird to book a destination just for these playgrounds?

I would totally book a locale just for the dreamy hotel. Would you?

This is my must-have item for traveling on planes or road trips with kids…

Aaron and I went here on our honeymoon and this makes me all kinds of nostalgic.

In case you need help booking a destination

This bag would make happy hour feel like vacation… Also, definitely packing this in my fantasy suitcase…

I’ll have two kids in tow on our next trip to LA, otherwise this would be my guide

Happy Weekend, friends!

images via Vogue

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