Happy Friday + Fave Links

Happy Friday + Fave Links

Remember that time it reached 100 degrees here in LA in May?  Yesterday was a scorcher! This morning my mom, Parker, and I are heading to the airport to pick up my dad then head to Malibu for some fish tacos and cooler weather.  Parker has had a doozy of a week this week.  Everything I have read says that fussiness peaks at six weeks which is how old she is today.  Has anyone else found this to be true?  Praying she goes back to her mellow, good sleeping self next week!  When she did happen to be napping this week, these are a few things that caught my eye around the web!

I am such a sucker for made up dinner table games.  We will definitely be playing this one on our next date night.

Loved seeing the big reveal of this gorgeous space.

Speaking of gorgeous spaces, well done Erin!

How About We launched a new app for couples and it’s pretty darn cute…

Loved reading Katie’s newborn essentials post– ditto on the Target nursing tanks!

I wish someone would deliver this to me this morning– looks beyond delicious!

Loving Joy’s new video series, “Dressing the Bump”…

Just in case you weren’t already excited for summer

Speaking of summer, these look like total hot day perfection

Loving Justina’s work for CB2!

Happy weekend!  Stay cool out there!

Image via Note to Sarah

  1. rachel


    in my experience 6 weeks is when they smile, as if to say ‘and you thought i was getting too much?!’ your heart melts all over again and it all seems worth it!!

  2. Thank you so much for the link love sweet mama! Hope you’re loving every minute of it! Well, at least most of them 🙂

  3. Shannon


    Yeah – don’t let the 6 week rumors get to you. We’re just wrapping up week 7 and my Parker (Parker Rose :)) has been great! And the smiles did indeed start in week 6 – cue heart melting. I am finding some later afternoon/early evening fussiness – but it seems like a carefully planned afternoon nap fixes that. We’ll see! Enjoy week 6! And good luck beating this heat – over it!

  4. I think when they start to become more aware, they startle easier and get overly stimulated. The 5 s’s helped us but there were nights when Teddy would just scream and cry for about an hour or more. We called it the witching hour because he did it the same time every day. He eventually stopped but it was tormenting to hear your baby cry like that and exhausting for both parents.

  5. Thanks for the link, lady! Loving your blog!

  6. I agree with the other mommies on the 6 week smiles 🙂 As far as fussiness goes…I have always felt like as soon as Kaia is having a “happy/easy girl” stretch and I feel like I totally got everything under control she turns into a sassy unhappy camper. Luckily as soon as I feel like I can’t handle much more, she turns in the “happy/easy girl” again. It’s never ending, enjoy the good with the bad. My little one is teething right now and just completely miserable 🙁