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This week can be summarized by the fact that I thought it was Friday on Wednesday.  Thank God it wasn’t, though, because I have a to-do list that is growing by the minute and an inbox that is playing tricks on me and keeps multiplying exponentially.  Aaron is going to be on the road again this week, so Parker and I are ditching sunny California on Monday for a few days and going to play with her cousins in Austin.  I will be traveling solo and keeping my fingers crossed for some nice long plane naps!  I hope your weekend is a good one!  Here are some of our favorite things from the week…

My good friend Camille’s book just came out and it couldn’t be any more gorgeous!  Buy it here!

I love everything about this look for fall!

Promise me you own a trench coat

You guys… my eating choices have been a little naughty lately.  This is what’s on this weekend’s menu….

Sarah’s sunny shindig has me craving a mimosa and some chic stationary…

Thanks for featuring our turkey chili bread bowls, Buzzfeed! Check out the other 16 that will have you ditching that paleo diet in no time…

These cliff’s notes to color confidence are genius!

Step-by-step fall layers via Mr. Kate…

I tried these shoes on this week and now I’m in big trouble…

Have you ever made your own baby food?

Love this autumnal arrangement by Caitlin

Images via Paris in Four Months

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  1. A stunning photo of the most delicious place on earth. Wish I had this as a poster on my office wall!

  2. LOVE and yes I own a Gap trench coat and Camille’s book is on my bucket list…thanks xx

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