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Last Sunday we were enjoying our usual breakfast burritos and coffee at the farmer’s market, perched on a blanket with friends, when I realized that I have spent more time sitting on a blanket in the last six months since Parker was born than I have in all of my other years combined.  I’ve sat on blankets in our backyard, in other people’s backyards, at the Silver Lake Reservoir, at Barnsdall Art Park, at Echo Park, at LACMA, and countless other places around LA.  Nobody tells you when you have a baby how much time you will spend on a blanket outdoors or just how magical it will be.  Somewhere over the last six months a cool Sunday morning on a blanket with a breakfast burrito, my babe, my husband, and good friends became my definition of weekend perfection.  So now that you know what I will be doing this weekend, what’s on your agenda?

I love seeing this lady on the other side of the camera.  How cute is this Halloween costume?!

This pear tart looks so impressive! I’m bookmarking this one for my next dinner party

I’m testing out these babies with Crest right now and am so far very impressed!

Are you familiar with this line?  I am loving their table runners!

Still looking for Halloween costume ideas for the littles?  Look no further…

cashmere dress?  I don’t think I would ever take it off.

As someone who is getting less sleep than they once did, I’m re-reading these tricks

A quick stop on this site is an instant mood lifter!

It’s been too long since I have seen these two and I’m having withdrawals!

It’s boot season! You can’t go wrong with these

Photo by Ryan Szulc for The Marion House Book

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  1. thanks for the link love jen!

  2. yay for elephant landing! thanks for the link love, jen!! xo

  3. i now look forward to your friday fave links column…love!! xx

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