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This week has been really good.  Not in the “I got the job!” “I won a trip!” “I got the best email” sort of way that some weeks are really good, but I just really enjoyed my time with Parker this week.  It may have something to do with her turning six months this weekend and me going back to working semi-full-time on Monday.  We packed our days with story time at the library, backyard swims in the baby pool, and lots of snuggles, giggles, and long talks laying on the rug in her room.  She is quickly becoming one of my very best friends which feels so strange to say about a six month old. Aaron and I are headed out with friends tonight after she goes to sleep then swim lessons tomorrow– which are kind of the highlight of our week.  (My mom got to witness this little lady’s love for the pool two Saturdays ago which was even more fun!)  If you’re looking for a little weekend reading, here are some things I really enjoyed this week.  Wishing you all wonderful weeks ahead, full to the brim with snuggles, laughter, and long talks with your besties.

So excited for my gal Erin and her epic news!

Sometimes in parenting it feels like ignorance is bliss.  I think about this topic more than any other parenting topic and have a feeling it will be a topic of discussion for many years to come.

Love this skirt and can’t believe it’s a DIY…

While a certain someone naps on Sunday, I plan on making this

Great color, simple silhouette, and perfect sleeve detail.  Sold!

I saw this gal in NYC last week and was reminded how much I enjoy her company.  Until the next visit I will just have to keep up with her here.

The case for onsite daycare… (via Jarrod Shappell)

Bought this splurgy tee this week and haven’t looked back… #YOLO

This sassy gal’s site is full of great reads for savvy business owners

image via Wit and Delight

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  1. Jen I am loving your fave links columns…I enjoy it so much…keep it coming!!!! happy weekend!!!1

    • Jen Pinkston


      I’m so glad, Chel! They’re really fun for me to put together, so you can bet you’ll be seeing more of them! xx

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