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Oh this has been a good week.  Aaron has been in Africa for the past 10 days and we miss him like crazy, but somehow there have been perfect little pockets of time for inspiring podcasts, organization projects, good friends, and connecting with my two little babes that I’m obsessed with.  The upside to the ninety degree weather we have been having is that I get to watch them swim and splash in the water– splash pad, friend’s pools, and the $6 inflatable pool that I scored at Marshall’s– which makes my heart swell with joy.  Parker and I have been working on our summer bucket list and I’m going to be checking off ‘weekend road trip with girlfriends’ on Sunday, so wish Ever luck– it’s our first night away from each other!  If you’re looking for a little digital escape this weekend, here are some things I’ve been loving:

My friend Ryan wrote the song for this commercial and it’s real good. If you’re not familiar with Sleeping at Last, you should definitely head to Spotify and have a listen!

I shared this on my stories, but this podcast articulates so much of what I believe.

This book is in my Amazon cart, just tempting me to ‘Buy Now’

13 brides share their best wedding advice

Speaking of advice, this from a 76 year old Balinese healer

And if you’re going to go to Bali, this one piece is incredibly cute!

My summertime playlist on Spotify!

Do you have trouble sleeping? I really don’t. I love sleep!

Speaking of sleep, I’d like to do it here

My friend Eden throws THE BEST parties!

I loved reading this and would love to put it into practice…

Nat Geo (among others) has been raising a lot of awareness around our planet’s massive plastic problem. Here’s how you can help

image via Albion Fit

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  1. alison


    I recently discovered sleeping at last by accident on spotify. i love the super blue moon recording. cool that you’re friends with the artist!

  2. Hope you and Parker have a good time! Definitely going to try to help with the plastic problem! Back in college for my speach class, I did a speach on the importance of recycling and mentioned the plastic island in the Pacific (I think it’s Pacific) Ocean! Have a good weekend!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

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