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Do you have weekend plans?  I have been thinking a lot about hosting and parties lately.  I can probably trace the source to the book I’m currently reading and my thought processes about what we should do for new years eve a few weeks ago.  I’ve grown up hearing stories about the lavish parties my grandparents would throw in the seventies where everyone would end up fully clothed in the pool by the end of the night.  The more we progress in gene research, the more we learn just how much is hereditary and I wouldn’t count party hostess out as genetic.  My mom is so known for her party throwing that her friends regularly dub her to help them throw theirs.  When Aaron and I bought our first house in LA, we were in our mid-twenties and celebrated the best way we know how, with a black and gold themed NYE bash on the back patio that involved lots of champagne, french 75s, loud music, and, luckily, very gracious neighbors.  Fast forward seven years and two kids later, though, and my hosting / social style looks a lot different.  I find myself preferring quiet nights with small groups over the dance party type and a lot of my socialization comes in the form of play dates or over coffee rather than cocktails.  Don’t get me wrong, we still host the occasional Sunday dinner with my family, Christmas Eve dinner, or have friends over for dinner on Friday nights, but I’ve been pondering ways to switch things up and do more hosting at our house after the kids are asleep.  I’m curious:  How often do you host?  What do the parties or social engagements you host look like?  Do you have kids? How has having kids changed your hosting style?  Whatever your weekend plans, I hope you have a wonderful one!  Here are a few things I enjoyed reading from around the interwebs:

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  1. I love throwing parties!! Your grandparent’s parties sound amazing!

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