Happy Friday + Fave Links


I was having coffee earlier this week with a friend and we got on the topic of feeling indulgent.  In true capricorn form, I tend to think about time in terms of productivity and efficiency.  Since having Parker, time’s value has increased exponentially and thus some things like reading a book, listening to a podcast, or having a lunch out that doesn’t involve work have fallen by the wayside.  These things can feel so indulgent anyways that coupled with the need to get work done, emails responded to, dinner made, a house tidied, and a child entertained/loved/tended to they rarely make the to-do list.  My friend, however, reminded me how important it is to do something to recharge, to fill up your creative cup; something just for yourself.  Doesn’t that sound so indulgent?  Yet, it makes perfect sense.  Today Parker and I are indulging ourselves in a trip to LACMA with her Yia Yia, Great Yia Yia, and Great Aunt.  I’m going to try to allow myself one little indulgence a week.  Next week is going to be a spin class.  What about you?  Do you find it difficult to do something just for yourself?  What are your favorite indulgences?  Consider indulging yourself in some of this beautiful eye candy from around the web this week… (See what I did there?!)

Did you know that enchiladas are my love language?

Speaking of love language, these are calling my name.

My best friend recently turned me on to this company.  They’re making great bags and doing great things.

Does this qualify as Whole 30?  If so, sign me up!  I need to make this!

When Parker and I traveled together a few weeks ago, I had a lot of people asking for tips for traveling with kids… Here ya go!

My friend Eden has been on a total St.Patrick’s Day roll and I’m not complaining… except that now I’m dying to make these!  (Not Whole 30)

Love this simple look on my friend, Mara.

Speaking of simple looks, I’ve been thinking of adding a couple of “park” tops (read: tops I can wear to the park and run around in that aren’t dry clean only and also easy to throw on with jeans and sneakers. oh and not sleeveless.  I’m super not into sleeveless right now.) to my wardrobe.  Like this one or this one.

In LA and looking for a new indulgence?  I’ve been loving Dinosaur Coffee for their almond milk lattes and Harvest Moon for their breakfast scrambles lately.

images via Camille Styles