Happy Friday || 10 Cool Things My Friends Are Doing Right Now

When you’re in grade school, like many things, friendship comes so naturally that it is easily taken for granted. All of your classmates come to your unicorn-themed birthday party and everyone gets a Valentine in their glitter-adorned tissue box turned mailbox.  As you get older, a natural selection of sorts occurs and the friends you find by your side are more thoughtfully chosen and those relationships more carefully nurtured.  By the time you reach adulthood and especially once you find yourself in the throws of motherhood, friends are GOLD. They bring you soup when you get hit by the flu and send notes of encouragement late at night when it has just been one heck of a week. They offer to watch your kids for you, look our for your best interest, and are always there to listen over a glass of wine, even if it’s just via text message.  I’m so very grateful for mine and so excited about some of their awe-inspiring accomplishments.  For starters, the images above and below are a part of a new Texas Monthly special edition issue, ‘SPACES’ that was edited by my dear friend and Texas Monthly Senior Editor, Lauren Smith Ford.

When we were chatting about the different homes she has found herself in, she mentioned that she found, “the most interesting homes to be the ones that were the layered spaces that were decorated over time—filled with art collected from various travels, antique finds, and heirlooms that were passed down from generation to generation. Through writing about all these homes, I learned how important it is to live in a space for awhile before buying every single piece to fill it too quickly. Design should be an organic process.” I resonated with this so much! When we first moved into our home, I always imagined it would have been decorated by now.  I have really found, though, that meaningful pieces that give you visceral joy when you walk by them day in and day out are curated organically and not ordered en masse online.

When asked about the most unusual sights she has witnessed in Texans’ residences, she said that, “Sheila Youngblood’s Austin home was filled with whimsy and unexpected design elements, like hand painting on the ceilings and interesting objects and curiosities, like gypsy-wagon-style bunk beds with tree limbs for kids to climb on. Almost every single thing in Derrill Osborn, a former fashion exec at Neiman Marcus’, home was either red or green. You should see it at Christmas! And, I don’t think I will ever see anything again, like the King Ranch Main House’s nine thousand pieces of stained glass in its famed Tiffany windows.” Look for ‘Spaces’, out now, at your local grocery or book store!

Keep reading for more exciting projects that you definitely want to know about, like:

Shannon Eddings dinner party she is designing for Tribeza. You can get your tickets for tomorrow night, here!

My sweet and hilarious friend Leah Ashley’s new show, Vintage Style / Modern Life is on The Design Network!  You can watch here and it’s so good!

It’s never too late to join Camille’s Social Media Makeover!

My friend Claire’s new rug collection with Lulu & Georgia is due out so soon! Be sure you’re following her here to be the first to know when it drops!

My sister started an Instagram account for all of her non-stop traveling. It’s beautiful, but may incite serious FOMO, ha!

My friend Jessica Honegger is serious entrepreneur goals. You don’t want to miss her podcast or her new book!

Speaking of books you need to buy, the Kitchen Cousins’ Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri just wrote this book for kids and it’s Parker’s favorite!

Image Credits: Sheila Youngblood, captured by Wynn Myers for Texas Monthly, Kristen and Joe Cole’s Office captured by Casey Dunn for Texas Monthly

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